On Sunday the 27th of August, our workshop group met up at the usual venue in Southampton for several hours of combative training covering a variety of unrelated topics. After our introduction and warm up we started things off with a module on the employment of eye attacks, the tool of choice here was the finger tips (not prints) of both hands thrown in rapid succession with forward pressure and maximum aggression ala Rapid eye blitz. Influence here from Paul Vunak, Rick Faye and Marcus Wynne. We first worked the dynamics of this very primal and gross motor skill with a partner on sheets of x-ray film which offers the best kinesthetic feedback for the trainee, whilst sparing the fingertips unnecessary trauma.




The guys working the rapid eye blitz on x-ray film; notice this is an extremely effective hard skill for a young person to employ against a larger, stronger adult under the right circumstances.


Next we progressed the skill into a line drill attacking polystyrene dummy heads (an idea I took from my friend Jamie O’Keefe some years ago) the heads can be somewhat messy, but are worthwhile for the feed back they give you and the aggression they invoke. In addition to this we added big time forward pressure, by having the feeder reluctantly back peddle during the assault. From here we went to pads in order to employ a follow up, in this example clinch elbows and knees were the order of the day.




Top class Krav maga instructor Aidan Carroll from Ireland working the Blitz on the dummy head; Aidan was a welcome guest and is currently on the UC apprentice instructor program with me. Here we see the rest of the class including one of my son’s Jake during the Blitz line drill.

The final part of this module took us into simulation training, again employing feeders from a line drill complete with FIST helmet, makeshift Bullet man helmet, chest guard’s dialogue, aggressive role-play, pre-fight cues and aggressive intention. The deal was simple, wait for the aggressor’s encroachment them blast through him with the blitz, finishing with an array of clinched elbows/knees, takedowns and stomps. Add the pressure and see what comes out of the pot, all good functional Combatives here.




Here we see the lads working Pre-Conflict assessment during scenario work.




Transition to conflict Pat from Germany smashes in with elbows/my oldest son day with clinch knees and Aidan from Dublin takes down Alban ripping the FIST helmet off his head as he goes.


Next we focused on attacking the low-line from both an attached and unattached perspective; here we employed low-line tools such as inside/outside edge of boot kicks, shin kicks/rakes and stomps along with knee strike and close range Thai kicks to the feet, ankles, shins knees, thighs and groin. As always we work the dynamics then drilled into non-compliancy with a struggling opponent in the clinch, we also used protective kit to drill in the impact.




Working the low line drills for impact, then out of the dynamics of a moving clinch.




Next up was anti-ambush drills first looking at a default position for our tactic of Cover, Crash and Counter from a stand up wall slam and ambush, followed by a relentless multiple punching attacking. Then we took the same deal working from a seated position as well as rising from a seat, again caught slightly unawares, never the ideal and having to make the best of it to regain initiative. The final part of this model looked at the same principle working off your back on the ground.




Anti-ambush drills from a standing and seated perspective.



Our final module for the day looked at the offensive and reactive use of the elbow strike. Here we looked at the versatility of the elbow and at ways of developing power with it from a very tight range. Finally from a reactive perspective as a counter clinch tool. All in all another successful workshop with a top effort put out by all.  Peace L.M 


My son Dan and my student Vern working the elbow strike from counter clinch/Aidan wheels on Alban/ who then employs Styers counter grab with downward to wheeling elbows.