The Axe-Hand Blow
Also know as the edge of hand blow and the chop. This is another major weapon used in Combatives and can also be found in traditional karate and some styles of Chinese kung fu amongst other martial arts.
From a natural position explode forward trapping the arm as you strike your target with out chambering your hands in any way. Follow up with further strikes as shown turning your body into each one.
Method Of Practice

To create an Axe hand simply extend your fingers keeping them together, then extend your thumb as this will prevent your hand from cupping on impact. The Axe hand employs the entire surface area from the edge of the hand along the ulna edge of the forearm to just below the elbow as a striking weapon. It can be used to strike in a variety of ways to a variety of targets, primarily the throat the sides and back of the neck, under the nose the bridge of the nose as well as the forearms and wrists. The beauty of this strike is that you can throw it from any where standing, seated even from a lying position.

Here is the axe hand applied from a seated position up under the nose.