CODA training
For the British Naval reserves
At the MOD base in Crowborough 2003.
Here are some photos of the CODA group's annual visit to the MOD base in Crowborough, where this year we had the pleasure of taking part in what's known as the Naval Reserves Adventure training.
Our part in the day was to relate some basic Combative skills to the young men and women of the British Naval Reserves. The instructors for the day were Lee Morrison, Paul Child, Sav and Rob who was taking the photo the two fellows sat in front are the Naval officers that arrange this annual event.
Here is a typical group picture of the guys and girls we were teaching. We had ten groups of ten individuals that were each given 40 minutes to learn something that may well save their life in the future.
Each group was taught how to work off the fence, using it as a situational control before escalating to basic pre-emptive strikes. Basic strikes such as the slap, chin-jab, and knee and elbow strike were practiced and then put into combination. Next we practiced offensive defence to a forward moving aggressor by using the spearing elbow as a stop hit following up with multiple elbow strikes. The following photos depict the students in practice.
Once the basic skills were grasped each student was put under pressure by an armoured assailant (played by us) whose job it was to posture aggressively with forward pressure only so that the spearing elbow plus follow up attacks could be applied with a certain degree of reality there by giving the student the confidence gained from such a workable experience.
All in all this was a good day with lots to be learned from both sides.