Use your lead hand as an off hand face smash straight into any available target followed by a hammer-fist strike, followed by another face smash and another hammer-fist. Both hands are sent out in a piston like fashion. The off hand is striking and manipulating the head as the hammer-fists hones in for the strike. An example might be that your first strike hits the face making your opponent turn away or bend over in which case you're off hand face smash would go straight to the back of the head allowing you to manipulate him into place for a strike with your hammer-fist to the back of the head/neck, kidney or spinal area.

Here is an example of cycling, shoot in an off-hand face smash to a hammer-fist strike then continue striking in a multiple fashion. Your off hand manipulates the aggressor into position for your hammer-fist blows.
Mobile phone sequence 1:

In this example an aggressor has encroached on our space, we have a phone in our hand and the threat is imminent. From here we are going to use a little deception by asking the aggressor a question as we open the hands as if talking in exclamation. From here we explode forward with exactly the same motion as for the double slap only this time we are adding the top edge of the phone to strike one side of the head whilst simultaneously slapping the other side of the head with the other hand.

As always, keep the aggressor at bay with your fence.' What, you want this?''
Mobile phone sequence 2:
In this sequence we are taking our basic gross motor strikes and applying them to an improvised weapon. In this case we are using a continuous attack using the bottom edge of a mobile phone for a series of cycling (Hammer-fist) strikes until the threat is eliminated.

Continue Cycling until he's out of the game.

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