Our Distance Learning Training


UC Online Course 1

The first basic Urban Combatives Course of 12 Modules is now ready for immediate Download! The idea is that you study and apply one module in training per week, giving each student a 12 week course structure. The Program will be sent for download in 2 parts and costs £80. This basic overview of material will offer the student of Combatives a clear understanding and training template covering all essential elements of the UC Curriculum. This will prove useful for those wishing to progress within UC as well as any-one simply seeking the basics of good Self-Protection.

Modules Included:
1. Introduction and Soft Skills
2. UC Game Plan/Vital Pyramid
3. Hard Skills Cultivation Drills One
4. Hard Skills Cultivation Drills Two
5. ‘Blitzkrieg’ Continuous Attack-Principles/Drills
6. Default Counter Offence Drills One
7. Default Counter Offence Drills Two
8. Dealing with Common Unarmed Assault
9. Secondary Tools: Low-line Skills/ Takedowns
10. Secondary Tools: ECQ Options
11. Simulation Training Template
12. Scenario Training Design/KIT


UC Online Course 2

This is the second Online Learning Course following on from where we left off in Module 12. This course covers a variety of essential Combative Principles along with skill-set Drills for cultivating the same and an Understanding of Impact Dynamics in relation to Striking.

Modules Include:
13. Flanking
14. Spontaneous Pad Drills
15. Artifice
16. Impact Dynamics
17. Attached Striking Drills

Costs: £30

UC Online Course 3

This Online Learning Course covers all essential elements relating to Counter Knife. Covered via four video Modules and an in-depth PDF Manual. This program is available for immediate download in an MP4 format and PDF file. Essential Learning for all Combative Trainees and mut know Grade material for UC Level 3 Grading.

Modules Included:
18. Dealing with the knife, before its out! Pre-Weapon Access, Knifer’s M.O, Methods of Concealment to Deployment, Pre-Threat Cues and other Behavioural elements, Weapon Signatures
19. The Knife is OUT! Knife is active and in play! Blade Fend Position, Blade Fend Progression, Dealing with the Slash, Dealing with the Stab, Blade Fending Principles, The 3 E’s relating to the knife
20. Knife Hold Up and Brandish! Understanding the emotional response associated to getting caught by surprise! Knife Brandish Response and options, Knife Hold Up Counter Principles
21. Dreaded Grab and Stab! Principle based options for dealing with THE most dangerous knife assault, the dreaded grab and stab!
Impact work and Stimulation drills! Impactive drills to develop Principles with Partner, Protective KIT and Pads

UC Counter Knife Concepts: 195 page, full colour printable PDF Manual covering all elements of Counter Knife in its entirety

Cost: £45.00

UC Online Course 4

This is the fourth Online Learning Course following on from where we left off in Module 21. This course covers a variety of essential Combative Principles relating to Anti-Grappling and the use of Secondary Tools from Extreme Close Quarters. Here we cover Anti-Grappling from both a Stand up and Grounded Perspective, finishing with understanding the important of learning how to deal with a Trained Fighter.

Modules Include:
22. Anti-Grappling Stand Up
23. Anti-Grappling The Ground Part 1
24. Anti-Grappling The Ground Part 2

Cost: £30

UC Online Course 5

Dealing with Rear and Off-Line Assault

Modules Include:
25. Rear Assault Part One: Dynamics and Off-line Striking
26. Rear Assault Part Two: Dealing with Shoving and Punching Assaults
27. Rear Assault Part Three: Dealing with Rear Holds
28. Dealing with Off-Line Side Headlock Assault

Cost: £30

UC Online Course 6

Dealing with Multiple Assailtants
This next course in our UC Online Learning Program takes an indepth look at how we can train for Multiple Assailants effectively and realistically. The first thing you will notice with such training is just how dynamic and alive things get particularly when taken in Simulation with non-compliant training partners as it should be! If you take part in a 2 or 3 on 1 scenario it is probable that differing responses will come out each time you take part. With that said, Principles remain a constant. The 3 Key Principles that we stick to here are:
PRE-EMPTION: where possible, do something before they do something!
TACTICAL MOBILITY: Get to the outside of the closest subject and keep moving, a moving target is harder to track and therefore harder to hit!
MINDSET: You’ve got to keep your Head! This series of Modules will install these Principles quickly and effectively!

Modules Include:
29. Introduction to Multiple Assailants Their Tactics/Your Tactices
30. Tactical Positioning Drills/Situational Control of Proxemics
31. 2-3 on 1 Stacking and Shielding Drills
32. 2-3 on 1 Drills plus Holding Attacks

Cost: £35.00

UC Online Course 7

The Combative use of Improvised Weapons
In this next course within our UC On-Line Learning Program; we take a look into the pro’s and con’s of Improvised Weapons.
Here we look only at options that meet the necessary criteria in terms of practicality, legality and potential effect among other elements essential to this subject.
After an indepth Introduction, that focuse’s primarily on the importance of MINDSET first and foremost, in relation to Self Protection we then go onto explore each category of Improvised Weapon in drill related detail as follows:

MODULE 33: Improvised Weapons Overview/Introduction/Weapon Profile/Legality and More
MODULE 34: Personal Carry Tool Options/Carry-Access and Deployment/Skill-Set for Usage
MODULE 35: Weapons of Opportunity
MODULE 36: Synthetics Allies
MODULE 37: Environmental Damage/Scenario Training/Debrief

Cost: £35.00

UC Online Course 8

Third Part Protection and Intervention
In this next course within our UC Online Learning Program; we take a look into 3rd Party Protection and Intervention. This is when there might be a need to Shield, Protect and Evacuate a Significant Other from any potential or hostile assault! We look into the difference in Mentality required for Protecting someone else compared to the Mentality of Self Preservation. We also look at 3rd Party Prevention, again of a Significant Other, Police Officer or even a total stranger if the situation dictates, as a good citizen you should do something! We take everything into drill format, looking at these scenarios from both an armed and unarmed assault perspective! From here everything is taken into Simulation!

Modules Include:
38. Third Party Protection Overview
39. Third Party Protection Drills
40. Third Party Intervention
41. Third Party Intervention Simulation Drills

Cost: £35.00

UC Online Course 9

Low Profile Combatives
In this next course within our UC Online Learning Program; we take a look into Low Profile Combatives: Here we are working at a lower level of response, in terms of Use of Force. This would be due to the perception that the immediate threat level was considered Low! LP methods are employed by Security, Law Enforcement and Civilians alike when the level of Threat deems that a higher level of Force is unnecessary! Example might be an overzealous friend or relative who has been drinking too much and is becoming aggressive and just needs to go home! Or within the realms of Security and Law Enforcement, employed to control an irate but not initially dangerous subject! It should be immediately understood that if at any point the Threat Level that you were facing suddenly increased then this would be met with an immediate escalation in terms of your Use of Force. Simply ‘Branch’ to a more significant Skill-Set. Targeting in LP focuses Primarily on the Middle and Low-line structures of the body. This would include extremities and large muscle groups. The High-line target of the head/face and neck structure is NOT considered LP in terms of Response. Therefore, will not be covered within this Low Profile Module.

Modules Include:
42. Low Profile Combatives: Introduction/Control and Restraint
43. Low Profile Combatives: Takedowns/LP Striking
44. Low Profile Combatives: Striking and Targeting
45. Low Profile Combatives: Attacking with Low-Line Tools

Cost: £35.00

UC Online Course 10

Dealing with a Pain Resistant Adversary
This course in our Online Learning Program takes an indepth look at how we can train for a Highly Pain Tolerant individual. This may be due to large body mass with deep under lying receptor sites, meaning the subject simply doesn’t acknowledge pain like most other people, or they are pharmaceutically assisted/intoxicated in some way. Maybe they have mental health issues and like pain or they are simply ‘raging’ aggressive and full of adrenaline whereby now they are highly pain resistant. In such examples there will be a need to go from generic targeting to prime targeting. With the Key objectives of Disrupting the Adversary’s ability to fight by diminishing the Consciousness/Vision/Breathing and Mobility Quickly and Decisively.

Modules Include:
46. Targeting the Skull Structure
47. Targeting the Neck Structure
48. Targeting the Eye/s Structure
49. Targeting the Groin/Pelvic Structure
50. Targeting the Knees/Lower Limbs

Cost: £35.00

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