Double Slap
This shot is best set up by using dialogue to ask a question with the hands held as if talking in exclamation; such as '' look mate are you gonna calm down?'' BANG!
Method of practice:
This is also known as the double ear box or the thunder-clap. This strike is thrown from hands down by your sides, straight to the target which includes both ears and both sides of neck. If you throw the strike from a fence you will need to cock yours hands slightly before you strike. The best way to disguise this set up is to turn your palms out slightly as you ask your opponent a brain engaging question this will also act as a trigger for your attack which will eliminate any indecision of when to strike on your part. This is a good tactic to use with all your strikes and should be bought into play any time you practice your basic strikes on impact equipment such as the heavy bag or the focus- pads.

Double cupped hand blow
Jamie O'Keefe's preferred method is to strike both sides of the neck simultaneously.