Geoff Thompson’s Ultimate

Self-Defence Seminar

A review by Lee Morrison 9/7/06




The day kicked off around 10.30 with around a hundred people in attendance, coming from all walks of experience including many prominent martial

artists and instructors in their own right such as John Skillen and Iain Abernethy along with top guys from Geoff’s team like Matty Evans, Tony

Somers and Alan Peasland.  Geoff gathered everyone around for his customary introduction and talk about fear and the general restrictions that

life often deals us all.  This was to set the theme for the day as Geoff cleverly applied pearls of absolute wisdom, relating to life and the way we

live using a variety of analogies before applying the said wisdom, to the concept of training. One such example was that of Restriction training where

we take as in this example, our main punching artillery and practice the development of massive impact from a very short and/or restricted range.

The drills included punching the pads from a confined space with your arm against a wall, also seated on the ground and working off your

knees. The objective of these restrictions is to force to find something, in this case power from somewhere else.



Geoff and Matty demonstrate punching from restriction.


This is just like restrictions imposed upon us in life that force us to dig deep and find some good out of a less than ideal situation. We were

encouraged to throw each and every single punch with 100% commitment and intention; instead of pacing yourself do each one like your life

depended on it. It is only from such effort that results are obtained. This work ethic was encouraged into other areas of life such as relationships,

family time, business and other areas that we wish to excel. These physical drills were interspersed with punching from an ideal range without

restriction. Jabs, crosses and hooks were thrown in double and triple formation, hooks, crosses and uppercuts were thrown in isolation and

combination to give appreciation for when we have the ideal.


Geoff and Tony demonstrate power punching off the fence.

Punching from conversation range was considered the main artillery, employed pre-emptively with everything else forming a tight support system

for that.  Geoff, Matty and Tony all demonstrated ideal pugilism on the pads.  In fact there were many good punchers in this room on the day,

Geoff pulled out one guy called Ross who was obviously an accomplished martial artist who demonstrated the ideal structure and shape for

punching for everyone to model in true NLP fashion.  This took us up to the first break of the day where we all got the opportunity to network

amongst ourselves. 



Iain and Ross working off the wall and floor.




Alan Peasland and Jamie Clubb were also among those in attendance.



Geoff coaching on the pads and two of my lads Paul Scothern and Alban Baliu

One of the highlights of the day for me was the chance to meet and chat to John “awesomeAnderson of “Watch my back” fame. John was one

of Geoff’s inspirational guides during his door term at Coventry’s Buster’s nightclub, during the 80’s. After reading Watch my back I had pictured John

around seven feet tall in my own imagination.  He’s actually about 5’ 11” combined with a fit, stocky stamp that oozed warrior from every pore. He

shared a little of his door days wisdom with me and demonstrated how he would employ his explosive hands that would drop a bull elephant,

off a very subtle fence. John has been working with Matty Evans and will approach the UK seminar circuit over the next couple of months. We

returned from our break for an excellent presentation from One of Geoff’s senior instructors, fire-fighter, life coach and SP instructor Tony Somers

who gave a talk about limiting beliefs and how such limitations can become our blue print from a significantly early age and can go on to effect the

rest of our lives. This followed with very powerful visualisation exercise that offered a practical means to do something about it. Personally

I found this exercise to be a very enlightening experience and is something I plan to elaborate on in the future.


Tony Somers giving his presentation on limiting beliefs.

Next the day continued with a look at anti-grappling from a stand up perspective. This module was again taken by Geoff with the assistance of

his son Lewis and senior instructor Matty Evans. Influence here coming from Judo and Greco-Roman wrestling. The concept displayed was learning

to grapple so you don’t have to. Geoff and Lewis demonstrated various trips and sweeps born in application from Judo.



Geoff and Lewis demonstrate a foot trip take down from a stand up clinch.


Next Geoff and Matty demonstrated ways of getting the belly to back position common to Greco-Roman in order to get the suplex throw

common to this art.  The throws and take downs of Greco-Roman wrestling are absolutely bone crunching particularly if you took application to the



Geoff and Matty demo popping under the shoulder to the belly to back position.



Here Geoff demos a text book suplex from the belly to back position on a crash mat.


Here is where the day concluded after some of the group lined up to have a go at this throw on the crash mat. Geoff brought the day to an end

and signed out in his usual humble fashion. We then had a quick photo opportunity that brought yet another successful day to a conclusion. All that

remains is to thank everyone who made the day possible and to thank Geoff and his team for all their efforts in hosting the event.

Peace LM.


Star struck as ever.


Me with John ‘Awesome’ Anderson, Matty Evans and tough guy John Skillen


Tony Somers and Iain Abernethy       

A group photo with Geoff UC guys, Paul, Dave, me and Rob.