Monthly Workshop Review



On Sunday the 30th of July, our workshop group met up at the usual venue in Southampton for several hours of combative training, covering a variety of unrelated topics. After our introduction and warm up we started things off with a module on the development of body mechanics and developing impact power from a short range under the conditions of restriction. Here we looked to develop power in striking from positions of limitation and making the best of what youíre given, to maximize drop step and hip torque.


Here we see the Slap, grab twist in application.



The next module focused on employing groin attacks at Extreme Close Quarters ECQ, either as the only available target, or as target of choice due to height differential.† Methods included slapping, grabbing and twisting attacks to the testicles as well as a take down employing the same method. †Also we looked at a low line shot to the pelvis in order to acquire a high line target into a take down and limb stomp, from an ECQ scenario.


From the groin slap, move quickly behind, (chest to back) switch hands and rip the groin back as you drive his torso forward for a fast takedown.



Next we focused on anti-ground grappling on the ground from a street perspective, as a last resort. Object of focus was on pins/attacking from the pins and escapes all with the objective of finishing the fight quickly to regain our feet.

Fighting for a dominant position; in this example the scarf hold, partner is non-compliant verbalizing and struggling all the way. The objective is to employ an immediate offensive and get back to your feet.


Vern gouging Alban from the scarf hold, while Simon head butts Paul from the same.



Trapping the limb for multiple strikes from the mount.



Cover to offensive escape from the mount.





From here we looked at offensive stick work and the combative use of any stick like object, as an offensive module. We looked at the WWII stick systems of Fairbain and Styers and at ways of adapting the same to everyday stick like objects. We also looked at methods of stick retention and integration of empty hand combative skills employing a 4-cell Maglite torch and a rolled up magazine.


Influence from Fairbairn for the offensive stick work. Here we adapted and applied parts of the WWII sequence to every day stick-like tools; Maglite, umbrella, rolled up magazine etc.


Here we can see Lee G and Roy, Alban and Vern breaking down the Fairbairn sequence.


Dan and Craig, Simon and Paul work the high-line strikes.


Barring straight up under the chin via the two hands method.


Styers long stick method; thrusting the tip straight into the face with a rolled up magazine.


Our final module for the day looked at another way to improvise as a means to equalize, by using whatís in and around your immediate environment. This might include using doors, door jams, obstacles and sharp edges walls and floors as a means to adjust attitude in an aggressive individual.† This could be as simple as shoving someone hard against a wall or door jam, or side stepping and driving someone face first into the sharp edge of a table or side board, if they had made an attempt to rush you.† Where ever you may be certain aspects of your environment, could and should be used to your advantage. Here we worked an intervention drill incorporating a wall, door jamb and exit, and also at integrating the use of a wall and the floor along with our empty hand skills, in order to maximize our functionality in combat.

Using your environment; in this case a head smash into the wall.


All in all a good effort was put forth by all, and Iíd like to thank all those who took part for your efforts. I will look forward to seeing you all again at the next work shop.

Peace L.M

Some additional pictures on the day

Vern helps Alban reach the high notes

Coaching my son Jake and his friend William for the groin takedown. I donít usually teach youngsters, Combatives anyway

but they came along today and had a little go of some things and did really well I might add.

Low-line shot to the pelvis/groin, Simon Alpin demonstrates a limb stomp.


Steve Cork showing the Wheeling elbow as a follow up from the pelvic shot.


Jake and William practicing the pins


Next workshop Aug 27th