2nd Generation UC Instructors Course

In April 2010 we began the first month of our seven-month (one year for the overseas guys) journey from Apprentice to full UC Instructor for seven competent candidates. Three of these guys - Reece Consul, Chris Walker and Austin Thompson - all came from our UC Wednesday night class and had been training with me for the last three years. Also attending was one of my long-time training partners and friends for the last ten years, James French.

In addition to them were two other guys from overseas, both of whom are already actively teaching within the field of Self-Protection. Namely: Darren Poesel - an Instructor of the Self Defense Company under Damien Ross in Tampa Bay, Florida; and Jeff Glyphe - who teaches both Reality-Based methods to civilians and police as well as a regular Thai Boxing class. These guys had been corresponding with me for more than a year and had studied all of our UC DVD programs before coming to train with me in person in order to meet the entry level criteria.

Current Passed 2nd Gen UC Instructors

Chris Walker

Chris Walker has been a student of UC for some 6 years now; he is also our web designer for the UC website. Chris has a strong background in Traditional Martial Arts, covering some 20+ years with particular focus on Japanese Ju-Jitsu and Karate (grading to a 3rd Dan Instructor status). Chris understands the great foundation of TMAs, but realised where such training belongs in terms of personal development compared to competent Self-Protection. Chris is an extremely well-versed Combatives instructor who has an immediate understanding of combative functionality in terms of what is workable under totally non-compliant conditions.

Austin Thompson

Austin Thompson has been a student of UC for several years now. Austin was introduced to me by Daryl Adams of 'Fight Back' DVD fame, who was with me at the very start of UC. Austin understands the very essence of good Self-Protection; born and raised on a rough council estate, the Street was his education - where he quickly learned that people only treat you the way you let them. Austin's Combative education began with a transition from the street to Boxing - a foundation that brought him to me with very worthy attributes. Austin is known for his immediacy in terms of explosiveness and after 5 years of dedicated Combatives training, Austin is a worthy addition to the UC Instructors camp. Assistant Instructor to our Wednesday night class, Austin is also available for private tuition in the Southampton area. Contact 07759 139279.

James French

James French is an accomplished martial artist, having trained in a variety of Chinese, Thai, Filipino and Indonesian martial methods. James and I trained together for many years in Wing Chun, boxing, grappling and JKD Concepts, and a small group of us often pressure-tested a lot of what we learnt along with a variety of RBSD stuff around at that time with our take on Geoff Thompson's early 'Animal Days'. James is a Doctor pending to be a Consultant; he has more letters after his name than there is room for here. James also has experience as a ring doctor at many cage-fighting events. James has fantastic martial talent and mental toughness, and is a worthy addition to the UC Instructor camp.

Apprentice 2nd Gen UC Instructors

Darren Poesel

Darren Poesel has been a serving US Marine for the last 25 years. He currently serves in Afghanistan, where among his varied duties Darren also teaches hand-to-hand Combatives to various Operational soldiers and Intel groups. Darren has a vast background in a variety of martial arts, having trained and operated in Okinawa and Japan. He is also the Chief Instructor of the Tampa Bay Self Defense Company Group in Florida USA and is a licensed firearms trainer. Darren is a full instructor under Damien Ross of the SDC and is currently an Apprentice Urban Combatives Instructor under Lee Morrison. Darren can be contacted for training in the Florida USA via his website www.TampaBayMartialArts.org

Jeff Gylphe

Jeff Gylphe is also an accomplished Apprentice UC Instructor from France. Jeff has a vast experience in martial arts, competitive combat sport and reality-based Self-Protection. He is a Muay Thai instructor in Tours, France, and is undeniably a tough kid - having competed and won in combat sport representing France in Japan. He is very familiar with the UC curriculum having studied for quite a while now, and has hosted UC seminars in France. His background in Combatives is fairly extensive also; having trained with groups in France affiliated to a friend of UC, Richard Dimitri and his excellent Senshido association, as well as one of Lee's favourite Close Combat instructors and knife makers, Fred Perrin. Jeff naturally has the attribute of explosiveness that makes UC so efficient, and is superb with both a knife of any description, along with being very competent with firearms which he studied under Philip Peroti. Jeff is an apprentice firearms instructor under the NDS Foundation. He, too, is looking to pass his UC instructorship sometime next year. Contact +33 (0)64 7809992.