3rd Generation UC Instructors Course

This course started in 2012 and features a diverse group of indivuals from both here in the UK and the wider international UC arena.

Current Passed 3rd Gen UC Instructors

Ryan De-Ste-Croix has been a UC student for several years now. Ryan has exceptional attributes, and is a natural Combatives trainee. He paid attention at every class attended and it clearly shows. Ryan hits like a freight train and is extremely explosive; a smart young man with a clear understanding of what's needed to be an efficient instructor.

Ryan cross trains in a variety of disciplines including boxing and strength training, and is a welcome addition to the UC camp. Ryan is currently a 3rd Generation Apprentice UC Instructor based in Southampton.

Tom Flint has been with UC for 3 years under instructor Steve Tomkins, both training with and assisting him in his classes. He has previously trained in Shotokan Karate, BJJ and Penjack Silat, but then realised it wouldn't work under pressure and looked for a more gross-motor, compressed skill set.

Tom has been training in firearms for 15 years, with experience as firearms instructor in both the UK and abroad. Hi is a graduate of Gunsite (Jeff Cooper's firearms school).

Martin Mikolasek is the head trainer in the RBSD Olomouc club where all UC instructors form Czech Republic train together. He is a trainer in the Crazy Monkey Defence Program under Rodney King, and a Level 2 Instructor under Jim Wagner.

He has more than 20 years' experience from training self-defence and combat sport. In his club he mixes sport and combative approach, which has great success in civilian and professional self-protection. He is responsible for training the biggest security agency in Olomouc.

Radek Erben is an assistant trainer in RBSD Olomouc. He is a former power lifter with big natural strength. Also, he has experience with several fighting styles like Ju Jitsu and Wing Tsun.

He works as a commissar for the Czech National Police. He has served for more than fifteen years, so has much experience with criminal behaviour - which he brings into his RBS training. He is training in Crazy Monkey Boxing and grappling outside his Combatives training.

Standa Vanek is a long time student of various self defence systems and combat sports. He has experience with Krav Maga, Western Boxing, MMA, and Filipino martial arts.

Last year, he connected his training with the RBSD group from Olomouc. There he has trained intensively with Martin Mikolasek and now he teaches in his own club called RBSD Jihlava. Standa has further experience from his police work and also from combat sports.

Lukas Wolf is a long-time member of the Czech National Team in disciplines like full contact kickboxing, Sanda and Muay Thai. He has won international titles like the World Championship, and was a professional European Champion etc. He is the head instructor in his club - Fight club Brno - where he has mixed sport and Combatives approaches.

He is an instructor in the Crazy Monkey Defence Program under Rodney King. He also has experience from his security work for several agencies from the Czech Republic. He is a full-time teacher at a grammar school where he teaches the Czech language and physical education.

Dave Stevens

Dave Stevens has 30 plus years of training experience and is a senior level Instructor in Krav Maga as well as a F.A.S.T. Defence Instructor.

Dave works the international seminar circuit and has several years of experience of dealing with violence from working the doors. He is a welcome addition to the UC camp, and I'm sure we’ll see him as a prominent figure at future UC events. Dave is a Nottingham-based instructor and can be contacted via his website www.kravmaga-nottingham.co.uk

Simon Grey

Simon Grey is an ex-Forces Green Jacket, with a long background in Boxing and Muay Thai. He has been training in UC with Lee Morrison for 6 years. Simon is great Instructor with a deep understanding of communication and installing skill-sets. Simon is well known within UC for his explosiveness in movement, impact power and immediate state access.

He is based in the South of England, Salisbury and is currently available for Private Tuition. Contact Number: +44 (0)7450 084778

UC Children's Program Instructors

Milan 'Miki' Hanusek started his Martial journey about 15 years ago with the study of Unarmed Combat. First with Boxing then onto Krav Maga as his first Introduction to Reality Based Self Defence. About 8 years ago he was fortunate enough to meet Martin Mikolasek and was introduced to his club and method of RBSD. Read more...

Apprentice 3rd Gen UC Instructors

Jerome Mlakar

Jerome Mlakar has been training in UC for approximately 3 years. Jerome is based in Paris and is a big part of UC in France, along with Jeff Glyphe. UC also work with a significant security company in France, of which Jerome is also a big part. He is an experienced nightclub doorman, dog trainer and the head of hotel security for one of the most prestigious hotels in Paris.

Jerome has had many years of Martial arts experience, coming primarily from Penjack Silat along with competitive Boxing and Kick-Boxing, and a background of training in MMA. Jerome has also trained with many of the great Reality-Based instructors in France including one of UC's favourites, Fred Perrin. Jerome is currently a 3rd Generation Apprentice UC Instructor and teaches a small Combatives Group in Paris from both a civilian and security team perspective. He is also writes articles representing UC and Self-Protection related topics for the French magazine 'Fight Sport'.

Nox Tauakipulu has 17 years of formal and extensive training in MMA, BJJ, Boxing, Muay Thai and Wrestling as well as many other martial systems. He also competed as an amateur in Vale Tudo and Kickboxing. Besides combat sports, he trained and gained instructor rank in various RBSD and edged weapons methods over the years, as a means of seeking a more functional approach for the street and his occupation as a security professional. He has 14 years experience (and counting) in the security industry; predominantly in the crowd control sector, i.e. Pubs and Nightclubs. Like Lee, Nox too used "the doors" as a testing ground and troublesome customers as test subjects, to see what works and what doesn't in violent situations.

In addition to that, Nox has vast experience in the areas of Close Protection and Risk Management, and has received specialist training in hostile environment operations from former UK SF operators. As part of his job, he spends a large amount of time training security personnel in conflict and physical management, and is a certified Use of Force instructor.

Nox's exposure to UC was via watching YouTube clips as well as receiving an endorsement of Lee from internationally renowned Self Protection instructors. He also purchased some of Lee's DVDs, and before he had even finished watching the first one was sold. So much so, that he then organised Lee's first tour of Australia in 2012 - and now it's one of the most anticipated annual events on the Australian Self Protection/Combatives circuit.

Sven Seifert has been training in UC for over three years, with training experience of more than 25 years in different martial arts systems including Filipino Martial Arts, Ju jutsu, Aikido and Savate.

Sven also has over 10 years' experience in Krav Maga, is the Krav Maga Europe Coordinator, and has successfully trained his own group in Berlin for many years.

Jim Armtrong was born and raised in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and like most young men gained a lot of 'street experience' growing up in the Newcastle area. Fast forward to the age of 23, moved to Melbourne, Australia. Jim has been training in the martial arts since the mid-80s. He has studied many systems, but has spent most of his time in the Muay Thai/Filipino martial arts and self-protection.

He has run his own club - Raw Combatives at The Garage in Melbourne Australia since 2004, but has been teaching martial arts since 1990. Raw Combatives is one of Melbourne's leading RBSD and stick-fighting clubs. Jim is also an instructor with Senshido International and Nasubukang Arnis. Jim has been following Lee's material for many years now, and has wanted to train with him for all of that time. He got the chance in 2012, thanks to Australian UC representative Nox Tauakipulu, who brought Lee over to Australia back in 2012.

Konstantin LechevHas trained in a variety of Martial Methods including Boxing, Kickboxing, Jeet Kune Do. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and within Richard Dimitri's Senshido as his intro into RBSD he also worked as a bouncer for a significant period where his understanding of reality was further enforced. In 2000, he came back to his homeland of Bulgaria where he trained significantly within boxing and wrestling, and began teaching people self defence after he opened a school for Reality-Based Self Protection. The name of the school is No Limits Combatives.

Konstantin is currently on the UC Instructor program, and qualified to introduce the UC curriculum to others. His contact for anyone visiting or living in Bulgaria is konstantin.lechev@gmail.com.