COM-FIT Callisthenics

COM-FIT Callisthenics

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Product Description

This book will be available in limited number only due to print and reproduction costs.

In this manual we look at applying the principles from 'Com-Fit' to Bodyweight Calisthenics. The focus overall, is to develop Combative efficiency, extended ATP output, massive increase in Impact Transference as well as GPP or General Physical Preparedness Task-Specific to the Combat Trainee or Combat Athlete alike. The method of choice here is simple Bodyweight Calisthenics, which as we all know have been employed for Centuries by Military Units, people in incarceration and Strength/Conditioning Trainees World-Wide. We focus here on 3 key zones of development: the PUSH/PULL and SQUAT structures, which are supplemented with all essential CORE/NECK and GRIP strength totally translatable to dominating a Combative, non-compliant subject.

COM-FIT adheres to the Complex Training philosophy; where we train to switch on our available fast-twitch muscle fibres through exercise, keep their output exploding via plyometrics before applying the said force to Combative impact pads, scenario work or simulation. When we regularly train to make our muscles partially dysfunctional before the Combative event, our performance output will massively increase, making our efficiency when 'fresh' totally improvable.

Although we employ the use of some KIT here all you really need is your own BW along with an understanding of leverage and mechanical movement. BW training creates a much more internal feeling of muscle control than external loads as 6-10 weeks of committed training will reveal. We start with the basic Calisthenics exercises of choice for this program, many variations and different exercises are available but these basics suit our needs for building strength. From here we will look at the more plyometric type movements over the same movement plane, to build explosiveness. Once understood, both elements will be presented within a program format. We also look at 'Animal Movements' Metabolic Conditioning and much more...