The Complete Book of Urban Combatives

The Complete Book of Urban Combatives

Softcover Book

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The Complete Book of Urban Combatives

This can also be bought as a combined set with the Primal Combatives DVD Set.

Product Description

The Complete Book of Urban Combatives is based on what Lee Morrison teaches in his Urban Combatives (UC) curriculum. Morrison formed UC after 22 years of researching various Asian and Western methods of combat, incorporating the teachings of W.E. Fairbairn and E.A. Sykes, Charles Nelson, Geoff Thompson, Bob Kasper, and Kelly McCann, to name just a few.

Morrison's reality-based UC is neither a sport nor an art. It is designed to counter street violence. Having been in his share of real blood-and-snot fights, first as a somewhat misguided youth and later as a doorman at pubs and nightclubs, Morrison knows that 30 seconds on the street is worth three years in the dojo any day of the week. His hard-earned experience also taught him that no one system has all the answers, necessitating that you keep an open mind and stay on the cutting edge of combatives.

At UC, the essence of good self-protection is threefold:

  • Master a few well-honed personal security concepts.
  • Add a realistic understanding of your enemy.
  • Gain an understanding of fear and how you will react under pressure.

In this book, Morrison includes attribute-developing drills to help you develop these and other key combatives principles, as well as the combative mentality that must accompany every aspect of your training. The goal is to provide you with a functional game plan that can be tapered to your specific needs, whether for personal protection, or for law enforcement, military, or executive-protection duties.