The Combative Use Of Improvised Weapons

Improvised Weapons

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Product Description

The objective of this instructional program is to educate the student of Modern day Combatives and to bring to light just some of the ways that an improvised weapon can be employed for Combative use in the extreme circumstances of Self-Preservation; when no other non-physical alternative exists.

his work is a combined effort by CQB instructors Lee Morrison and John Deacon in association with each instructor's respective Company (Urban Combatives and I.M.P.A.C.T., respectively).


  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • The Combative use of improvised weapons
  • Key module
  • Key sequence
  • Bunched keys attack
  • The watch strike
  • Watch sequence one
  • Watch sequence two
  • Using the pen & mobile phone
  • Attack sequence one (mobile phone)
  • Attack sequence two (mobile phone)
  • Pen & access methods
  • The appendix draw
  • The pikal draw
  • Biro pen & carry draw
  • Access & deployment drills
  • Confined access & deployment
  • The use of the umbrella & similar shaped items
  • Use of the environment
  • Artifice & the deployment of concealed weapons
  • The tie dagger deception
  • Ed Sullivan deception one
  • Ed Sullivan deception two
  • Flashlight module
  • Flash to bash method
  • Flashlight sequence one (sleeve concealment)
  • Flashlight sequence two (belt loop carry)
  • Flashlight sequence three (pocket carry)
  • Boiling liquid attack
  • Chin-jab with cup one
  • Chin-jab with cup two
  • The use of the beer bottle
  • The improvised Billy Jack cosh
  • Miscellaneous make-shift weapons
  • Around the home
  • In the kitchen
  • In the car
  • Summary
  • Home work
  • Visualisation/physical drill
  • Further training advice
  • About the authors

Under current UK and European law it is a criminal offence to carry a weapon of any description for the purpose of self-defence. While in some parts of Europe they are slightly more lenient on the carry of small folding knives and even OC pepper spray this is certainly not the case for the United Kingdom . However, there are situations, especially if you have the honest belief that your life is in danger, when the use of a weapon may be necessary. In such a situation using a weapon may be the only option that you have in order to survive. In which case an improvised or make shift weapon may be the only answer.

Almost any object that you can pick up and hold in your hand can be used as a weapon. Everyday house hold items can be used or converted into formidable, makeshift weapons. Objects not normally thought of as weapons are often close to hand and with quick thinking and a little imagination almost anything can be used in the self-preservation sense.

We certainly would not recommend that anyone carries a weapon for combative use, by design. As we have already said, such items are illegal in most countries, and it is highly probable that you would end up in more trouble with the law than your attacker would for defending yourself with an illegal weapon. As unfair as this seems the argument always comes up that if you carry such a weapon on your person in a pre-meditated state then you may indeed be looking for trouble and might not have had the said item, for just the sole purpose of self-defence. If this is the view that the courts take on such a matter, then it will be considered that you have committed an offence and you can be sure that the law will takes its course.

The law clearly identifies a weapon as: any article made or adapted to cause injury to, or incapacitate a person, to destroy or damage property or intended by the person having it with them for such use, whether by them or another person. As we already know, the law does not apply to the criminal factions which means that a would-be assailant could be carrying a weapon (indeed the safest option is to always assume that they are) thus putting you as the potential victim, at a great disadvantage.

With that being as it may, we still have the obligation of our own self-protection and that of our loved ones therefore we need to make up this void; and the combative use of an improvised weapon can helps us do just that. Understand that in order to effectively employ any aspect relating to personal Self-Protection; including that of your family, one must effectively vanquish any inner voice of doubt - "I can't" or "I shouldn't" - in order to overcome such moral or spiritual conflicts. Such hesitation caused through a divided heart can and will jeopardise your ability to strike back when seconds count and your survivability is at stake.

Many of you may find the use of aggressive force and the subject of weapons repugnant - but this is the real world, and the sad fact is that there are people out there who will hurt you and yours. In some cases for no other reason than they can. Understand that Self-Preservation is necessary; evening up the odds through whatever means available, is necessary.

So if shit and fan do meet, you need to be prepared to do what needs to be done in order to keep your quality of life therefore instead of shunning such aggression, try and view it as a possible resource. A resource that, God willing, you will never need to employ. But the thinking goes surely it is better to have such ability and never need it, than to need such ability and never have it.

Please read and view this offering with an open mind and as always absorb what is personally useful to you. Stay Safe!

Product Reviews

Man is defined as the “tool bearing animal” The first tools we developed were weapons. The very first weapons were expedient and adapted items. Our ancestors used rocks, bones and sticks to protect himself from predators. So, the use of expedient weapons is our birthright, and the ability to improvise and adapt has put us at the top of the food chain. This prehistoric origin has relevance today for citizens denied the legal right to carry orthodox weapons for self-protection.

Numerous countries, including Great Britain, prohibit weapons, forcing the law-abiding citizen to rely on unarmed combatives for self-protection. While we are all enthusiasts of unarmed skills, the sober truth is that the tactical reality insists that self-protection includes the utilisation of weapon options. The subject of expedient weapons has been addressed in numerous previous books, articles and tapes on self-protection. Yet in my opinion, the bulk of prior information has been woefully unsatisfactory.

The reason for this is simple - most of the previous "experts" just simply lacked the hands-on experience of street survival, and very few had actually used the methods they espoused. Lee and John have years of front-line experience and have used the methods shown in this manual. This is not theory. The book is based on street-tested reality.

I was honoured to be invited to contribute the foreword. An aspect that is missing from previous texts is the matter of access. Under the stress of imminent violence the task of accessing a weapon from it's every day carriage position can be extremely difficult. Lee and John know this and have given us training and equipment solutions to the problem. All any book can do is provide knowledge. The reader must then put in the concomitant practice.

I would suggest the best way to practice is to arrange to attend a training course presented by Lee or John. They have both been guest instructors at our seminars and are both very enthusiastic, original and inspiring instructors. They care about their trainees, and it shows. Lee has written several other excellent manuals, while this is John's first published work. I know the book will become a favourite amongst Combatives enthusiasts everywhere. I hope they will co-operate on further texts.

Dennis Martin - C.Q.B. Services