Safe On The Door

Safe On The Door

208-page book by Lee Morrison

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Product Description

Safe On The Door: The Complete Guide for Door Supervisors is the ultimate training manual for door supervisors. Whether new to the job or working the door for years, this book offers a unique insight into conflict management for every supervisor.

Written in plain English, Safe on the Door offers a variety of unique and effective methods combined with proven mental conditioning, while also analysing the constraints of the law and your own inner fears. Fully illustrated with unique step-by-step explanations of essential self-defence moves and conflict controls, the self-protection methods and restraints shown are practical, functional and legal, giving everyone the skills necessary to deal safely and confidently with any aggressor.

Produced with a passion, the book examines the physical, mental and emotional qualities needed to work on the door and dramatically illustrates concepts with real-life scenarios. Safe on the Door is a real and honest, no nonsense account of being a door supervisor, providing everyone working in the industry with the conflict management tools necessary to work safely and confidently.

Product Reviews

This book is a delight, an Aladdin's cave of golden nuggets that one day might prove life-saving. I wish it had been in print when I first started the doors.

Geoff Thompson - veteran ex-Door Man and best-selling author