Street Safe

Street Safe

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Product Description

220 pages of solid wisdom and cutting edge information that you simply cannot afford to be without!

Understanding the Enemy:

  • Contributing factors to violence
  • Yob Culture
  • Multi Cultural Society
  • Binge Drinking
  • Domestic Violence
  • Street career criminal
  • Understanding the street criminal's M.O
  • Understanding the criminal mind
  • Pre-conflict cues to violence
  • Understanding aggressive & deceptive body language

Understanding Yourself:

  • Understanding the Survival Stress Response
  • Understanding Fear
  • Expectation
  • Side effects of adrenaline
  • Positive effects
  • De-sensitization

Soft Skills:

  • The game plan
  • Awareness & Observation
  • Preparedness
  • Target Hardening
  • Situational Control
  • Looking at our Options
  • Natural Resources & Bodily Weapons

Hard Skills:

  • Targets & Tools
  • Physical armory
  • Combative Principles
  • Basic Strikes
  • The Palm Strike/Slap/Hammer-fist/Elbow Strike/Knee Strike
  • Take downs & Finishers
  • Combination Attacks
  • The use of neck restraints
  • Third Party Intervention
  • Secondary tools/biting/gouging etc

Improvised Weapons:

  • Integrated use of Improvised weapons
  • The use of your environment
  • Improvised Weapon summary

Combative Mentality:

  • State Management
  • State Access
  • Reframing Perspectives & Beliefs
  • Modeling

Situational Offense:

  • Dealing with Common Attacks
  • The Default Response
  • Multiple assailant strategies (wolf pack mentality)
  • Going to ground
  • Common Street Attacks
  • Street Robbery
  • Happy slapping
  • Pub/Night club fights
  • Car Jacking
  • Road Rage
  • Attempted abduction

The edged weapon threat:

  • Stats on knife crime
  • The laws relating to blade carry
  • Examples of edged weapons
  • A Knifer's M.O
  • Fouling the draw
  • Unarmed against the knife?
  • Counter knife principles
  • Knife hold ups

Modern terrorism:

  • The threat of modern day terrorism
  • What can you do?
  • Bombs & suspect packages
  • Car/Vehicle bombs
  • Reporting suspected terrorist activity
  • A to H profiling
  • Giving a description
  • Dealing with a bomb threat
  • Evacuation procedure

Modern Urban skills:

  • Training, Preparation & Intelligence
  • Neural Based Scenario Training
  • Less-than-lethal alternatives
  • Firearms Training
  • Impact & Edged Weapon Training
  • Tactical medical knowledge
  • Emergency driving


  • Money/funds
  • Communications
  • Multi-purpose tools
  • Illumination
  • First Aid kits

UK Law relating to Self-Protection:

  • Types of UK law
  • Categories of Offences
  • Pre-emption and the law
  • The law and Self Defence
  • The Use of Force
  • Giving a Statement

Product Reviews

I've just returned from Southampton after some training with Lee Morrison (which was excellent btw). While I was over there I was lucky enough to pick up a copy of his latest book - "Street-safe". When I originally heard that Lee Morrison was going to be releasing it, I immediately checked it out on the Urban Combatives website. I read the preview, and was dying to get my mitts on a copy. When I did, I wasn't disappointed. This book is definitely not just another collection of random techniques.

All the information is top class - it's not just another book that has been padded out with info you just don't need or want. The topics covered are extensive and numerous, so I can only really scratch the surface with this small review, but it will hopefully provide you guys with a brief insight into Lee's latest work. This is one hefty tome and it consists of over 210 pages crammed full of state of the art Combatives and self-protection information. Like Lee's previous books, it's well thought out, easy to follow, and contains some great photos - so the concepts and information are easy to follow and absorb. I liked that the photos were made to look as "Combative" as possible. In other words, they captured the mindset one should be trying to model - just have a look at the photo of the girl biting the nose of her attacker.

Some people might assume there’s no point in getting this book if you have the latest Urban Combatives manuals; on the contrary, this book goes further than the manuals previously have, with many new concepts added. Many modern instructors still sadly overlook the soft skills, and in this book Lee stresses their importance, and goes into them in great detail. "Street-Safe" provides a detailed analysis and insight into the ever-changing face of modern violence. It does not center on just one or two concepts either - it addresses the many facets of today's violent society: yob culture, domestic violence, street robbery, road rage, car jacking, and even attempted abduction. In this tome Lee points out that society is ever changing and so is the face of violence, so we must alter our game-plan to stay ahead of the gratuitous street attacker, or career criminal (it even looks at the aspects of modern terrorism).

As for the physical side of this book, Lee has put together a very solid core of tried and tested techniques. There is no fluff or superfluous information. Discussed are subjects such as target and tools, basic strikes, combative principles, combination attacks, neck restraints, ground fighting, and secondary tools (gouging, biting, etc). Lee also talks about the best tools to use for improvised weapons, and also stresses that they should become part of our "habitual game plan" (accessibility, etc). Having all the best techniques in the world won't help you unless you are prepared to use them and follow through, and Lee places particular importance on developing ones mindset (or vehemence); without it, no game plan will be successful. Described in the book are several ways to develop this vital skill - from Vehemence drills to NLP visualization, as well as various other methods of "accessing state".

So, in summary, I'd advise anyone to grab a copy - whether you’re just a beginner wanting some street smarts or the next self-protection guru. There is more than enough information to keep you going for a long long time.