Urban Combatives Manual - Vol. 1 (Revised Edition)

Urban Combatives Manual - Vol. 1

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Product Description

I revised all three original UC books into two A4-sized manuals, in which I have included updated material, additional text and clearer photos. I have of course stayed with what I believe to be important - that being the need to 'chip away the unessentials' as Bruce Lee once said.

The revision is not about an accumulation of material as we all know the importance of a compressed curriculum. I just feel that I have grown both as a writer and a student since I wrote those books, and would like to give a piece of that to the people I care about.

Topics include:

  • The history of combatives
  • Pre-emptive striking
  • Dealing with fear and adrenaline
  • Combatives striking
  • Combatives fighting techniques and methods
  • And much more...

Product Reviews

At the international seminar, Lee Morrison gave me a copy of his new book The Urban Survival Modern Combatives Manual Volume 1, and I've now had time to read through it. The first in a series of three books, this manual contains much relevant material. The history of Combatives, with due regard to the Fairbairn-Sykes influence, striking methods, awareness (including Colour Codes and OODA-Loop), the Fence, fear, pre-emptives, and lots more. Lee has trained with some of the best, including the legendary Charlie Nelson, and has bags of experience on various doors. I read the manual with real interest, and recommend you do too.

The three books build into a really comprehensive study of combatives, by a guy who knows what to include and what to discard. When they are not in my seminar bag, Lee's books are by my desk, for frequent reference.

Dennis Martin - Combatives authority

For those of you who haven't yet bought Lee's 3-part series of training manuals, I can't recommend them highly enough. These books are brilliant distillations of just what you need to know to train in real world combatives - and not one thing more. That is a real test of writing and instructional ability - to distill just what is necessary and useful, and nothing more. Lee does an absolutely first rate job of this.

The books are intelligently organized with good logical flow to the evolution of the material, well written and clear and with useful illustrations throughout. These books are designed as training tools -- they are spiral bound so they can stay open for reference while training (I have them next to my new BOB!) a very nice touch.

Lee is, in addition to being a formidable practitioner, a gifted instructor and that gift shines in these books. I look forward to seeing his upcoming revision, whenever that comes about. I think these are must have texts for anyone actively training in combatives or reality-based self defense. Check them out, highly recommended!

Marcus Wynne