The Wolverine Within

Wolverine Within

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Product Description

Topics include:

  • Definition of the term 'Combatives'
  • Some essential factors relating to women
  • Awareness & observation skills
  • Combative principles & concepts
  • Natural resources & bodily weapons
  • Target areas for striking
  • Natural stances & use of the fence
  • Impact power for striking
  • Pre-emption & the law
  • Basic striking skills
  • Attacking the eyes
  • Continuous attacking combinations
  • The use of improvised weapons
  • Situational Combatives
  • Ground fighting
  • Fighting from the floor
  • Edged weapon awareness
  • Knife hold ups
  • Dirty tactics
  • Gang-related incidents
  • Simulation and scenario training
  • Dealing with fear and adrenal stress
  • The combative mindset
  • Recommended reading
  • Further training

Foreword - a message for all women:

All over the world, women are aware that men may attack them. We hope it is true that most men like and respect women, wanting to form good relationships as friends, relatives, lovers and husbands. But too many men obviously regard women as suitable targets for abuse, beating and sexual harassment, ranging from unwanted suggestions, fondling and groping, to rape and sadistic assaults. Most women live in fear of some kind of assault by men; they might be mugged and have their hand bags snatched or their keys stolen. But far worse than this kind of attack which is clearly motivated by theft, is the assault on their person. Rape is the ultimate terror in every woman's mind. The most common attacks on women take place within their own social circle in the form of domestic violence usually from an abusive partner, boyfriend or relative.

Statistics show that every week in Britain, 2 women die at the hands of their abusive partners through acts of domestic violence. There is a reported incident every 10 seconds and approximately 1 in 4 women will become a victim of this crime. The sad truth is that the average woman is assaulted 35 times before the offender is reported to the police. Historically the law has let women down in terms of action taken and the support offered to such victims.

Policy has now changed and the whole issue is now being taken more seriously. The police and the CPS are working together to ensure that there are heavier sentences imposed for such incidents and can now prosecute without the victim's statement if there is sufficient evidence to present a case. Also safety units and measures are in place to help victims of such crime. This Domestic Violence Bill became active on the 15 November 2004 . The act of rape which may or may not exist within this realm is not just about sex, it is about power. A rapist does what he does to hurt and humiliate his victim in order to satisfy something in his brain - which, incidentally, is not functioning normally.

Now, people have often asked me, apart from my teaching credentials, what qualifies me to teach women how to protect themselves from an abusive male? How would I know what it is like to feel scared from a women's perspective? Well, let me tell you. I grew up in a domestic violence environment. My mother was a single parent, and seemed to seek solace in her selection of abusive men. Growing up, I was witness on too many occasions to the beatings that she would get for whatever reason. I was often on the receiving end of such beatings and abuse from both my mother and her many abusive partners to a degree that would absolutely shock you!

So, what qualifies me to offer help within this subject is the fact that I know what it is like to be so scared that you are petrified to go home; so scared that you learn to read your abuser's mood and demeanour in hope that you will find some kind of pre-indication as to whether or not you are going to get a beating or worse. Are they drunk? Did she slam the door in temper or was it just the wind? Are they arguing or are they laughing? I'd lie in my bed listening out for any indication that might tell me that I would yet again, be on the receiving end of such abuse, while at the same time praying that there wasn't any.

So, let me tell you from a personal view, we are all capable of being a victim - and there are many forms of abuse. What is familiar to all of us, male and female, young and old, is the effect that such abuse will have upon us - especially if we allow ourselves to remain in a victim state. What is also common to all of us is the strength that lies deep within - the strength to stand up in such a situation if we will just dig deep enough. It is important to respect and trust your right and your ability to make choices and to act on them. Even doing nothing is a choice, and sometimes this may be sensible; it may even save your life.

The crucial factor is that you should be in charge of your own life. Being very fearful and feeling unable to cope with that fear hinders women and prevents them from being fully adult self-determining people. It is important to learn to accept and understand fear. By doing this it becomes controllable. Being fearful does not itself mean that you are weak, but rather that you are valuable and worth taking care of. Strong women feel fearful as does everyone else at some point in their lives; it is a crucial and necessary reaction to dangerous situations.

Have you ever said or thought, "I felt there was something peculiar about him, but told myself don't be stupid?" Discounting yourself in this way can put you in danger. It is important to rely on our own intuitive feelings about fear, to trust them and to be strong enough to act on them. If your instincts tell you that something is wrong, they're probably right. The information within this book, correctly applied, will help you to develop self-belief and enhance your self-confidence - which will in turn improve your own personal safety and make you less likely of becoming a victim of attack.

This work is dedicated to Joanne for giving me the inspiration to write it, and to all the women in the world who have found it within themselves to stand up.

This book acts as a great complement to the Wolverine Within DVD Set.