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Product Description

In this third part of the Combative Psychology series we look into the use of Deceptive Kinesis or Artifice. The English Dictionary defines Artifice as the use of deceptive trickery or misdirection. This DVD looks at the employment of deception via Behavioral Manipulation and thought Pattern Interruption as a means to gain the upper hand in any potentially violent confrontation.

We look at Deception from a two-fold approach, first from the perspective of a predatory criminal within the context of a potentially violent assault, via the use of distraction before assault, along with the use of classic ruses. The objective here is to gain an understanding of how deception may be employed against you, so that you are less likely to be caught off-guard by it.

The second part of this two-fold approach looks at how we can use Artifice as a precursor to pre-emption via the use of Brain Engagement, Misdirection and Pattern Interruption. We go on to look at means of developing congruence between body language, demeanor and verbalization, along with ways of Economizing Motion for the delivery of Non-Telegraphic Impactive Strikes.

This program acknowledges a well known psychological aspect as a tool for the modern-day warrior and makes an ideal addition to what was covered in part one (Fear Control) and part two (The Access and Management of Combative State). Such methods of Mental Conditioning are an important addition to any Physical Conditioning and Tool Developing program.