Australia 2012 Seminar

Australia 2012 Seminar

4-Disk DVD Set

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Product Description

Back in September 2012, UC made its first seminar tour in Australia - with 3 events in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. In this 4-disk set we cover the Melbourne seminar hosted by "Raw Combatives" instructor Jim Armstrong from England. Jim is a talented Filipino martial artist who also teaches efficient RBSD at his prominent RBSD club in Melbourne.

The turn-out for this event was great, with many guys from varying backgrounds and ability including some real talented operators. Topics during this event looked at the basics of Self Protection, ECQ, counter knife, simulation training and multiple assailants.

Everyone took to this event really well - and to say we all trained hard whilst still having fun would be an understatement. My training partner for this event was tour host Nox Tauakipulu from New Zealand, a talented MMA practitioner and security consultant, who will carry the flag for future UC training in Australia and New Zealand.

This set is an ideal instructional for all combative trainees and instructors alike. Enjoy!