A Combative Insight Into Bare-Fist Fighting

Combative Bare-Fist Fighting

2-Disk DVD Set

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Product Description

In this program, we explore pugilism and the use of the bare-fist for combative dominance in the street.

As practitioners of Combatives training, the closed fist is often frowned upon in favour of the open hand for striking. But, the fact is trained or untrained men punch - and have always punched. Even after many have made the transition to open hands, we will often default back to the addition of punching. Look at any account of street violence unarmed) and someone, somewhere, is getting punched. We have fought this way for centuries.

This DVD looks at some of the bare fist methods from the days of the old bare-knuckle fighters, who employed closed fist blows in a huge variety of ways, to the Chinese pugilistic influence found within some of the early WW2 Close Combat programs.

We also look at figures who have influenced the pugilistic art of using the bare fist, such as Daniel Mendoza, Robert Fitzsimmons, to Jack Dempsey and Jack Johnson. We continue right up to some of the USMC and Marine Raiders influences, as well as insights into how some of our great Close Combat forefathers such as Drexel Biddle, John Styers, and Charlie Nelson employed the bare fist as an addition to their compressed curriculum.

This program is full of historical study, as well as some workable and street adaptable ideas to employ within your Game Plan should you favour the use of the closed bare fist. We look into the pros and cons of punching in terms of the need for specific targeting, as well as using the correct areas of the fist for delivering impact whilst striving to minimise injury.

This program will leave you in no doubt to the clinical efficiency of a good puncher - even if you only take this knowledge on board for what to expect the next time you come across such a man!

Enjoy! UC 2012