UC Insight Into the Use of Brass Knuckles

Brass Knuckles

Brass Knuckles

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Product Description

This DVD is for academic study and historical interest only! It is not meant for anything other than that! Throughout this entire DVD, the legality relating to weapon carry depending on the country you live in is constantly emphasised.

The secondary reason for this DVD is to bring to your attention that criminals do carry weapons with total disregard for the law. A knuckle duster could indeed be part of that armoury - so gaining an insight into how such a weapon might be employed against you is useful information.

In my opinion, the Knuckle Duster is one of the most efficient close quarter weapons there is for interpersonal impact delivery, and history of their carry and use goes back hundreds of years. From WW1 trench warfare, to early year members of US law enforcement, to villains and gangsters, such a tool has rested in the pockets of many. They have been made from a vast array of materials and come in an even greater number of designs. Fact is, from an historical point of view the 'brass knuckles' have earned their place amongst the close quarter weapons of the world.