Caveman: Bare Essential Combatives

Caveman Combatives

Caveman Combatives

2-Disk DVD Set

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Product Description

In this two-disk program, we strip back down to the 'bare essential' elements that make up a compressed curriculum that is efficient and functional for 21st Century self protection.

My inspiration for this module came from working with a special military unit that had minimal time to train, and what they learnt had to work in a hostile environment with minimal resources. This got me thinking - if I was to adapt this program for the civilian environment for the average person who had neither the time, motivation, nor resources for consistent Combatives training what are the 'bare essential elements' that I would give them?

Here, we strip down to the minimal elements that make any good method of Self Protection workable. Driven by two soft skills, three hard skills, three principle-based concepts, two secondary tools, and a clear understanding of combative mentality, this caveman module offers immediate functionality to the recreational trainee as well as the more serious student. Emphasis here is definitely on 'less is more'.

Enjoy... UIC 2013