Combative Principles

Combative Principles

2-Disk DVD Set

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Product Description

In this 2-disk DVD project we take an in-depth look into the key directives and principles that drive any good Combative training curriculum or practiced method of Self-Protection and Personal Security. Techniques and physical skill-sets are secondary to the mentality and the concepts that drive them.

We all know that any conflict resolution begins and ends in your head - getting your head right pre-fight, in-fight and post-fight is absolutely essential. Combative perspective and attitude must be in place before the event.

From there, if we must use force, then we want the most tactical application of physical force possible; hence our need for directives and principles. These boil down to two key psychological and physical attributes: Impact with Attitude!

These are the two key factors that should remain foundational to all forms of Combative efficiency, not this technique vs. that technique, or this piece of kit vs. that piece of kit. Yes, we need technical proficiency, and yes, kit is useful - but without mindset and tactical application the rest is "fluff"!

For the student of Combatives who is lucky enough to have the guidance of a good instructor, the most important priority lies in learning competent, conceptually-driven skills - meaning just learn how to do it!

For learning and understanding beyond this point, as well as for instructors looking to install competence in their students, there is now a need to understand how and why something actually works! The nuances of how something comes together to form a successful outcome.

This project gives you UC's take on the said nuances. Absorb and enjoy!