Combative Stick & Other Hand-Held Impact Tools

Combative Stick

Instructional DVD

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Product Description

In this programme, we take a look into the functional use of any stick-like structure or impactive hand-held tool that could be employed as a weapon of opportunity.

Here, we draw from some of the historical methods of Combative stick from an instructional point of view, taking influence from some of the WW2 instructors that incorporated this topic into their overall Close Combat curriculum - such as William Kengla, John Styers and W.E. Fairbairn. In addition to this, we also delve into some of the Irish Stick Fighting history - particularly the 'Shillelagh' and also the French art of La Canne.

We talk again about the importance of MINDSET and how we should not give any 'tool' emotional attachment. Any weapon of opportunity is simply a means to an end and driven by our MENTALITY and principle-based directives. We also look into the dynamics of any impact weapon, its signature, profile, attributes and capability, as well as the possible medical implications relating to its use.

This DVD is both instructional, and informative from a historical point of view. To become truly Combatively efficient we need good unarmed skills - to know how to use any point and edged weapon, any impact-orientated tool, along with any weapon of opportunity if circumstances call upon us in such an emergency. This DVD is a useful addition to part of that need.