Combative Conditioning Part 2: The COM-FIT Programme

Combative Conditioning Part 2

3-Disk Set
(2 DVDs & 1 CD-ROM of 75 pages of exercise descriptions & workout design)

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Product Description

The objective of this program is to offer the practitioner of any Combative activity be it Street orientated Close Quarter Combat or any kind of specific sporting Combative event, such as MMA, BJJ, Boxing, Thai boxing or any other kind of Combat Sport; a task-specific program aimed at enhancing their Combative performance. The commonality shared by all in a dynamic physical sense is that all require a combination of our most fight-related physical and mental attributes geared toward the objective of dominating a non-compliant combative subject.

Such attributes include speed-strength, which is a combination of starting strength (or our ability to recruit as much of our fast-twitch muscle fibre capacity, in an immediate sense as fast as possible) along with its sister component explosive strength (which relates to our ability to keep the said muscle capacity exploding for the full duration of our task-specific event; i.e. striking and/or grappling until the man is down).

Additional elements include our conditioning phase. This primarily focuses on our non-oxidative energy systems - namely our ATP output entering into our anaerobic lactic acid threshold and, in some circumstances (particularly specific to combat sport), our aerobic capacity and muscular endurance. Street-orientated CQC may require the extreme of this energy output, i.e. an ATP capacity capable of exploding through the subject to get the job done within ten seconds.

Conversely to that, an MMA sporting event will require a combination of more enduring anaerobic output, with intermittent blasts of ATP explosion. The same can be said during any BJJ or Submission Grappling activity - first looking for position, before exploding into the submission part of the equation. Although the commonality is clear amongst all, the energy requirements for a ten-second tear up in the street compared to a two, three or five-minute round of combat sport (be it boxing, Thai MMA or Submission Grappling) are vastly different.

Therefore we must cross-train in order to cover all of our bases within our strength/conditioning programme - and Com-Fit will reflect all of these objectives. Such total conditioning equally applies to street-orientated combat as the following scenario will depict. Imagine having to deal with two aggressive subjects whilst leaving a nightclub, then having to fight tooth and nail to drop both subjects ASAP just to facilitate your escape. Then sprinting for all you're worth for at least a couple of hundred metres; then to leap as high as you can to reach the top of a wall in order to pull yourself up and over the other side. Then, thinking you are safe, walking around the corner only to find that two of the other lads' mates have tailed you in a car and are now fresh and raring to go...

Are you telling me that you don't need to be in shape to go again, in order to deal with this situation? Question answered methinks! This Com-Fit programme will take all of the above elements into account. What follows via two-and-a-half hours of DVD material along with the information part of CD-ROM instructional set are some of the best concepts, strategies, exercises and routines offering flexibility in terms of tailoring, for any combat-strength athlete's needs. During this programme we will apply such strength/conditioning concepts to a variety of training equipment or KIT.

The suggested KIT employed here is just a means to an end, geared towards the objective. The KIT currently en vogue amongst many combat athletes includes kettlebells (which can be substituted for dumbbells), resistance bands, medicine balls, sandbags, and the use of the sledgehammer and tyre as well as bodyweight callisthenics amongst other things. We include such items here, but regularly suggest the integration of other KIT as well. I invite you to test and apply the result of a huge study of material spanning from old-time strongman methods to some of the most scientific strength/conditioning minds of the 21st Century.

Enjoy! LM 2009

Topics include:

  • Physical & Mental Attribute Development
  • Combat Conditioning Objectives
  • Sandbag Training
  • Kettlebell & Dumbbell Training
  • Medicine Ball Training
  • Training with Resistance Bands/Tubing
  • Sledgehammer & Tyre Training
  • Plyometric Work
  • Complex Training
  • Core Training
  • Impact Development
  • Strength Training Formats
  • Conditioning Protocols
  • Tabata Drills
  • Interval Training
  • ATP Drills
  • Task-Specific Routines
  • Routine Design/Workout Sheets
  • KIT List
  • Useful Resources
  • And more...

Product Reviews

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