Counter MMA

Counter MMA

2-Disk DVD Set

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Product Description

In this instructional program, we take a look at some Combative, street-oriented options for dealing with an MMA practitioner.

Fact is, the modern enemy is evolving. Lots of people are now training - including some of the wrong people. Nowadays, a lot of guys on the street can punch, strike, kick, grapple and use an array of weapons like they were born to do it.

The fan-base for Pay Per View UFC and cage-fighting MMA events is so big that it's not unlikely someone might pick something up from just watching and try it the next time he finds himself in a scrap. Not to mention the individual that actually trains and/or competes and momentarily loses it. Of course, such behaviour exhibited by a disciplined MMA athlete is highly unlikely - but shit, as we know, happens! And it's better to have a response and not need it, than to need a response and not have it.

In terms of response, we look at the employment of the very things that are illegal and considered 'fouls' within MMA comptetition, in order to even-up the skill disparity for the pavement arena. This footage was filmed during our UC Instructor class - observe and enjoy...

Peace LM