Fight Back

Fight Back Fight Back

3-Disk DVD Set

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Product Description

This 3-hour instructional program gives the trainee all they need to know in order to enhance your own Self-Protection and Personal Security skills.

Topics include:

  • Awareness and Observation skills and Drills
  • Target Hardening
  • Attitude and Mindset
  • Developing a Self-Protection Game Plan
  • Situational Control of Proxemics
  • Weapons and Targeting
  • Basic Hard Skill Strikes
  • Ballistic Combination Attacks
  • Understanding Pre-Emption and the Law
  • The Use of Deception
  • Artifice
  • Controlled Explosive Aggression
  • Vehemence
  • Situational Combatives
  • Dealing With Everyday Unarmed Attacks
  • Multiple Assailants
  • Understanding the Street Attacker's M.O.
  • Understanding Fear and the Effects of Adrenal Stress
  • Outdoor Scenarios Depicting the Opportunist Mugger
  • Territorial Mugging
  • Mobile Phone Crime
  • ATM Crime
  • Incidents Involving a Vehicle
  • Confined Spaces
  • Using Your Environment
  • Improvised Weapons

Product Reviews

Lee's physical 'style' is Combatives with an open mind to anything else that might help, and that's what this is along with a lot of conventional RBSD material. The one word which best describes this set is comprehensive - this is a large volume and covers a very complete personal protection program.

People who have seen Lee on the seminar circuit probably remember him for pant-shitting power and being a good example of what Combatives can produce. This DVD reveals a much wider spectrum of knowledge and a good ability to put it across. The DVDs start very sensibly with going over awareness, avoidance and escape, Cooper's color codes and target hardening.

Lee then moves on to a well-explained introduction to the fence and a lot of verbal options. Then follow the basic combative strikes (he does Tiger's Claw, Hammer Fist, Slap, Elbow and Knee. Then moving on to combination strikes - Lee's combos are all gross motor, involving wide target areas with lots of power and following up until its job done. Also well explained, is the combative mindset and various ways to utilize controlled aggression, which as most people know is one of Lee's fortes.

The DVDs are constantly interspersed with good examples of using the basic hard skills both in and outdoors in all sorts of scenarios and breaks up nicely the explanations in a gym environment, which forms the bulk of the time. The overall production quality is high, Lee communicates well and convincingly with the camera.

I feel in RBSD it's easy to get an incomplete picture, you buy a Grover tape here, a GT book there, reading threads on this site, how you then go away and fit it all together can be a problem. What this DVD set does is give the user a complete, well structured and comprehensive source for rbsd info in one place.

Conclusion - skillfully puts gross motor Combatives into the complete picture of RBSD. A must-see.

Paul Scothern - Urban Combatives instructor

I just finished watching the DVD set. Canít really add anything to Paulís review. Very good stuff from Lee as usual and VERY relevant for you Brits, as he goes into common local "scenarios" and methods of attack.

Well worth buying. Cheers!

Mika Soderman - CQB Instructor/Sweden