Impact With Attitude

Impact With Attitude

2-Disk DVD Set

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Product Description

In this two disc instructional program we take a specific look into IMPACT DYNAMICS, along with the key elements that equate to hitting with Knock Out Juice...

All individuals that perform any skill or task extremely well will all share certain commonality and natural-born hard hitters are no different. You can take anyone from a specific combat sport athlete to the natural born street scrapper - and chances are, if they're known for their specific KO impact power, they will share similar attributes.

In this program, we analyse the key factors involved, along with the very latest cutting-edge research regarding sport and task-specific training concepts for developing such attributes for knock out impact power in hard skill striking.

Here we cover such dynamics as: correct tool and targeting, range, body mechanics, psychological intent, non-telegraphic delivery, unobtrusive platforms, economy of motion, cultivating explosiveness, complex strength training, speed training, core rotational development - along with a specific look at training equipment for plyometric training and speed-strength specific training drills.

The information in this program is designed to be implemented into the Combative trainee's current program with the absolute intention of upping your game.