Impact With Attitude 3 - The Components of Speed

Impact With Attitude 3

Impact With Attitude 3

2-Disk DVD Set

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Product Description

In this two-disc instructional program, we take a specific look into the key components of speed. We take an in-depth look via lecture and drill format at ways in which anyone can imnprove their speed - components such as visual speed, cognitive speed, mental processing, speed of information transfer, understanding the process of perception-neurological relay-analysis to decision-neurological relay to action, the Action/reaction theory, muscle fibre types and composition specific to speed and explosive movement, and genetic predisposition.

We look at controllable factors such as working from an unobtrusive position, economy of motion, being non-telegraphic, and using misdirection in order to gain the highest probability of landing a pre-emptive strike.

We look into the specifics of the knock-out and how speed plays a major role here. We also look at specific kit that we can employ to physically improve our speed and reaction time. Hand speed drills, timing, reaction and coordination drills as well as impact drills and pad/target modules to improve all of these attributes.

Recently, I was in Los Angeles taking part in a TV show relating to athletic performance, where I was measured for my speed, acceleration and power by a sports scientist with an accelerometer. This individual's conclusion for my explosiveness was in part genetic, but also due to my training formula.

My conclusion to this information is that everyone can improve their speed outside of genetic potential. In this program, we presents conclusions and drills aimed at that objective!

Enjoy! UC 2014.