Impact Mannequin Training Drills

Impact Mannequin Training Drills

1-Disk Instructional DVD

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Product Description

This program offers some very specific ways and Combative drills to employ the mannequin dummy for solo training in the home or garage gym.

The best approach to Combatives training is three-fold:

  • Group class training with a qualified instructor
  • One-on-one training with an instructor or partner
  • Solo practice

The latter is often all that is available to many students. For people that train at home or in their garage gym, such workouts can be extremely productive - particularly if mannaquin training is added to the equation. In spite of a few obvious limitation, the pros of such practice certainly out-shine the cons.

In this DVD, Lee looks at the following topics:

  • Target and tool development
  • Impact conditioning
  • Attribute development
  • Striking
  • Chokes and strangles
  • The cultivation of body mechanics through training weapons
  • Offensive use of weapons
  • Continuous attacks
  • Combination striking
  • Combative conditioning
  • ATP drills
  • And much more...

This really is a must-watch program for the home trainer.