Low Profile Combatives

Low Profile Combatives

Low Profile Combatives

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Product Description

In this program we look at the employment of unarmed combative skills from a lower level of force perspective. The objective might be to pacify a friend or family member if they are becoming aggresively overzealous, or for someone working within a security operative capacity.

Here we look primarily at avoiding the head as a target, focusing instead on mid-line and low-line targets and large muscle group areas for more covert striking, along with the use of principle-based subject control and restraint, via distraction on entry, for detainment and ejection.

Understand that here we are looking at possible response to a low level threat that may escalate in threat potential if left unchecked. At all times it should be understood where this belongs and accepted as a fact that if you are facing a severe threat disparity such as more than one assailant, or you are unarmed against a weapon, for example, then the situation becomes self preservation - so then escalate to more efficient methods and be quick about it!

Enjoy! UC 2014.