UC Main Event 2010 Seminar

UC Main Event 2010

5-Disk DVD Set

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Product Description

The UC Main Event was a two-day Combatives Seminar that took place on the 27th & 28th November 2010. This was the first time UC hosted an open event in the UK, introducing UC's First Generation Instructors to the seminar circuit.

Over two days we all presented a deep overview of UC's curriculum, including our Soft Skills and elements of Personal Security on into Hard Skills and our Tactical Application in regards to our Use Of Force. We took everything we did into adrenal stress-inducing Simulation Training.

In addition to this, we covered our Counter Offense Options - taking an in-depth look into the Default Response, Multiple Assailants, Counter Grappling (with the addition of an MMA perspective), Counter Weapons, Scenario Stress Drills, along with an in-depth look at UC's Psy-Com Module relating to the crucial element of Combative Psychology.

This 5 disk set of over four hours of footage is a great souvenir for all who took part, as well as a superb introduction to the key elements of UC's Curriculum from instructional perspective for any UC fan...Enjoy.