UC Seminar In Moscow

UC Seminar In Moscow

3-Disk DVD Set

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Product Description

In November 2011, UC was invited for the first time to Moscow by head of the Samooborona training group, Max Stepanov. Over three days we covered a variety of Combative subjects with a very tough group of serious trainees. (Read the review of this seminar here).

Samooborona (meaning simply 'Self-Defence'), as taught by Max and his instructors, draws from a variety of RBSD methods, and wanted to implement some of the UC curriculum in their training. UC was invited for a two-day open seminar and a private instructor class. This professionally made 3-disk production covers the majority of this very successful event, with over seven hours of footage.

Topics include:

  • Personal Security 'Soft Skills'
  • Combative Tool Development 'Hard Skills'
  • The Principle of Flanking
  • Multiple Assailants
  • Impact/Stress Inoculation
  • Counter-MMA
  • Dealing With A Larger Adversary
  • Third Party Protection/Intervention
  • Counter Impact Weapons
  • And more...