New Blood 2 Seminar

New Blood 2 Seminar

3-Disk DVD Set

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Product Description

On Sunday 3rd July 2011, UC hosted the second in a series of seminars called NEW BLOOD - promoting some of the best up-and-coming instructors on the Combatives Circuit today. Guys coming from a well established lineage, implementing their own individual take on the principles of Personal Security and Combative Hard Skills to a privileged class audience.

Starting with senior UC instructor Alban Balliu offering his take on Street Applied Wrestling Concepts, following the success of his excellent recent DVD from UC Publishing.

He was followed by top European instructor Branimir Tudjan, who presented his tactical drills from Street Orientated Krav Maga. Both non-diluted and functional, Brani has two excellent DVDs with Paladin Press which speak for themselves.

Next we had one of the best lesser known combatives instructors outside of the circuit, fellow first generation CQB Services instructor under the legendary Dennis Martin, John Deacon. John was one of my early training partners during our time together with Den. We trained, taught, and worked alongside each other. John is a master of deceptive kinesis from both a good and bad guy perspective, and presented his take on artifice for the pre-emptive setup and a fight-ending knock-out.

Finally Lee Morrison presented the last slot, as a bonus session teaching in regular Wednesday night group class format, for a great topic variety to top the day.