New Blood Seminar

New Blood Seminar

2-Disk DVD Set

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Product Description

On Sunday 7th December 2008, after much preparation and work, UC hosted the first in a series of seminars called NEW BLOOD. These events are aimed at bringing some of Britain's current and most superb reality-based martial talent into the media limelight.

The idea was to incorporate four relatively new and up-and-coming, as well as already established, Self-Protection and Combatives instructors - with the idea of generating exposure and profile for each. At the same time, this would offer everyone a unique opportunity to train with some of the best new blood instructors that Britain currently has on offer.

This event offered the following bill for the first time in one place; this list was formulated from a large number of likely candidates - so many, in fact, that we could only really do any of these guys justice over several such events. The December event covered Al Peasland, Simon Squires, John Anderson and Lee Morrison.

This 2-hour instructional DVD covers the key teaching elements presented by each instructor, providing the viewer with dovetailed presentation of 21st Century Self-Protection and Combatives instruction.