Open Hand Striking Drills

Open Hand Drills

Open Hand Drills

2-Disk DVD Set

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Product Description

In part three of the UC Training Drills series we look at our hard skill tool development, in particular our open hand striking options. Your upper and lower limbs are your natural bodily weapons and each one cam be thought of as a multi-tool and 'Leatherman'. The weapons available from your fingertips to your elbow offer a myriad of solutions to a variety of combatives problems.

This 2-disc program focuses on the use of the open hand for striking, incorporating a myriad of training drills for the slap, palm strike, and their variants, as well as the axe hand, rapid eye blitz and the cradle blow.

This DVD set will show you how to train each of these strikes for maximum development and combative efficiency. This is a great addition to the solo trainee or group class instructor alike. Make your own decision on the closed fist vs. open hand striking debate - but not before you've worked some of these great drills.

Enjoy! UC 2013