Street-Orientated Pad & Partner Drills

Pad & Partner Drills

Pad & Partner Drills

2-Disk DVD Set

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Product Description

In the final part of our UC training drills series we look at how we can train for street-orientated scenarios with the bare minimum of training kit. All you need is a pair of pads, a partner, your training environment, and your imagination to work everything from offensive, to counter offensive, to single and multiple assailants - even if you have only one training partner.

This set shows you how to get the very best out of your training with the minimum of resources. This 2-disc set offers 6 template drills that any good instructor or combatives trainee could adapt and build upon. If you were to add additional kit, protective equipment, and environmental factors to the equation, you really wouldn't need much more than that for great functional training.

These drills show you how to go from impactive strikes from close quarters to partner manipulation at extreme close quarters, learning in-fight state management that will allow you to go from impactive kit to partner cross-over safely.

Enjoy! UC 2014.