PSY-COM 2: Building a Model of Counter-Violence

Psy-Com 2

2-Disk DVD Set

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Product Description

PSY-COM 2 follows on with an in-depth DVD lecture from the introductory DVD & PDF manual of its predecessor. Here we look at the psychology of Violent Intent and Action from a two-fold perspective.

First, we recap on the physical and psychological effects of the Survival Stress Response whilst under combat duress, as well as at ways in which we can harness adrenaline to function more efficiently in-fight.

Second, we look at the model of violence employed by a street criminal, from his MO to preferred method of assault, along with the emotional attachment that will be present. Here we look at what we could learn from such a predator and how one might model such a strategy. How we can take the common street thug's method of using violence and turn it against him in a more streamlined and efficient way in order to counter such an individual.

The model of pre-emptive, continuous attack employed by the Street Combatives Trainee differs little from the one-sided violent event of the street urchin. The difference lies within its slightly more efficient delivery of course - but in the main, it comes from our personal motivation to use violence only for self-preservation when given no choice.

Understanding and knowledge is truly a powerful thing...