Combative Psychology: State Manipulation

Psy-Com: State Manipulation

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Product Description

Due to the excellent feedback received from the previous three parts of this Combative Psychology series, I realised that there were still one or two areas that needed to be addressed in relation to the psychological aspects connected to aggressive and violent behaviour.

UC's foundation works from a basic core curriculum that focuses first and foremost on the two essential elements of Self Protection - namely: Personal Security or SOFT SKILLS, backed up with clinically efficient combative HARD SKILLS that take care of business in a physical sense if all else fails. This is the very foundation of UC - and indeed of any good reality-based method.

In addition to this, UC offers the student of Combatives two more follow-on programmes. One is COM-FIT, which focuses entirely on physical conditioning via cross-training to develop physical strength/fitness and attributes specific to combat. The second is PSY-COM, which relates specifically to mental conditioning and preparation so essential to TRUE combative functionality.

Without doubt, all fights begin and end in your head, and your personal pre-fight perspective is EVERYTHING! This programme is made up of an instructional lecture that comes directly from the PSY-COM programme. It deals specifically with cutting-edge ways of manipulating aggressive state in others, via non-physical options that are well proven for instantly reframing the classic "dick-head" perspective.

In addition to this, we follow on from part three with a previously unexplored part of the ARTIFICE module. Namely, cultivating the ability to pre-emptively strike from a natural and unobtrusive position with speed, impact, economy of motion and non-telegraphic intent - in order to either land the first strike that puts an end to the conflict, or in the worst-case scenario, a first strike that precedes an immediate, direct, explosive and continuous assult that won't stop until the threat subsides.