Put Him Out: The Combative Use of Improvised Weapons

Put Him Out

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Put Him Out: The Combative Use of Improvised Weapons

Product Description

Lee Morrison often builds his combatives presentations around the "caveman" mentality. In fact, before he selected Urban Combatives as his brand name, he strongly considered Caveman because, from man's earliest existence, his primary instincts have been geared around simple tool carry. This is the message of Put Him Out! The Combative Use of Improvised Weapons: how to use the simplest and most effective tools to extract yourself from a fight you didn't want to be in the first place.

Combatives is not recreational self-defense; it is counter-violence. In this video, Morrison teaches you how to tap into the resource you need most in a worst-case scenario: your brain. Having the proper mindset is key in any fight. Once you have good personal security, an effective game plan, and a toolbox of finely sharpened skills then anything you can put in your hand will make you more efficient during a fight.

As a resident of the United Kingdom, where most weapons carry is forbidden, Morrison knows the importance of being able to justify legally whatever defensive actions you take. According to Morrison, a legally justifiable improvised weapon is anything that you can carry or find in your environment to use. Moreover, he emphasizes the use of less-lethal alternative, because extreme or unnecessary use of force with an improvised weapon can cause serious consequences later, when you have to explain your self-defense actions.

From key factors, combatives principles, types of improvised weapons, access, and deployment to strikes toolbox, the use of your environment as a weapon, and the deceptive employment of various tools, Put Him Out! shows you how to assemble a simple but effective arsenal of tools that can be employed when awareness and de-escalation aren't enough.

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