Secondary Tools: Low-Line Hard Skills

Secondary Tools Part 1

1-Disk Instructional DVD

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Product Description

This is the first in a series of three programmes covering what we refer to as Secondary Combative Tools. Our main artillery consists of our primary weapons; in UC these are the Palm Strike, Slap, Hammer Fist, Axe Hand, Elbow and Knee. In addition to these hard skills are Secondary Tools designed to fill in the "what if" gaps as and when needed.

Part One of this series covers the employment of Low-Line Hard Skills, via low kicks and stomps using the boot.

Influence from the early years of WWII Combatives came from a variety of martial methods including early Japanese Ju-Jitsu, Western Boxing, dirty tactics from bar-room brawling and French Street Savate. In short - anything that had proved its worth in real hand-to-hand combat was considered a worthy Combative addition. A look back into some of the British, American and Canadian manuals of the 1940's shows this to be so.

Here we look at several Low-Line tools adapted for 21st Century Self-Protection, with influence coming from French Street Savate. Tools include the spike/point kick, the edge-of-boot kick, shin kick, pivot kick, and the stomp. The DVD covers these in detail, along with tools and targeting, Combative scenario applications, training drills, and much more...

Special thanks to Tank Todd (New Zealand's chief CQB instructor) for use of cover photos.