Secondary Tools: Subject Control & Restraint

Secondary Tools Part 3

1-Disk Instructional DVD

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Product Description

In part three of this Secondary Tools series, we cover Subject Control & Restraint from the perspective of an individual working within the Security Industry.

This material is based on my own background experience as a doorman, and offers an introduction to the use of Subject Control for gaining compliance when main artillery striking is not an option; hence its place within Secondary Tools. What is offered here is an understanding of how we can make C&R, which is the last tool of choice in terms of countering hostility, a lot more effective in application.

Group Restraint, Team Tactics and methods of Covert Striking are all covered in this UC instructional lecture, as well as examples of Solo Restraint and Pain Compliance when the Environment and situation dictates no other choice.

This program gives you a taste of what we intend to cover in much greater depth in a future project - but for now, it earns its place within this Secondary Tools Series. Whether you work in the Security industry or just need to subdue as opposed to KO, I'm sure it will make a good addition to your Combatives Library...enjoy.

UC 2011