Secondary Tools: Attacking From ECQ

Attacking From ECQ

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Product Description

In part four of the Secondary Tools series we cover the use of restricted attacking from an Extreme Close Quarters perspective.

In some situations such as a clinch, or any kind of position of confinement, it is not always possible to ballistically strike in an immediate sense - in which case a secondary tool is often employed in order to create the opportunity for a more telling blow. One example might be to thumb gouge the eyes to get the head back, in order to create space and opportunity to follow up with a head butt and or an elbow, etc.

Such tactics would be most commonly applied at what we call ECQ, or Extreme Close Quarters. An example of ECQ might be where your movement of limb/s is somewhat restricted via entanglement, and you are now in an 'in your face' confined struggle.

Other examples might be if you have been crashed into a wall but you both remain on your feet attached to each other at ECQ; or if you end up in a horizontal grapple on the ground; or seated in the restriction of a vehicle again within a very close range struggle without immediate opportunity to strike.

This UC presentation offers workable CONTENT in terms of training to create an effective Counter Response under such conditions and promises to be a great addition to the previous three programs in this series...Enjoy.