Secondary Tools: Chokes & Strangles

Chokes & Strangles

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Product Description

In part five of this Secondary Tools series we cover the controversial subject of the use of neck restraint. Controversial, of course, because of the dangerous consequences that the misuse of such a method of counter-violence could create.

As we've said many times in this series, the best way to deal with any combative subject in a physical sense is via impactive striking with the objective of creating unconsciousness - "switch off the computer!" However, this is not always an option - hence the need sometimes for secondary means of reframing aggressive and violent behaviour.

The fact is that neck restraint has proved itself workable from both personal experience, and for many I have worked with. So many times, in fact, that it does indeed have a deserving place within the context of Secondary Tools.

Offered here is an understanding of how such a tool should be learned and understood, from both a teaching point of view, and in terms of practical application...

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