Secondary Tools: Improvised Weapons of Opportunity

Improvised Weapons of Opportunity

1-Disk Instructional DVD

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Product Description

In this final part in the Secondary Tools series, we take an updated look into the use of improvised weapons. The two primary areas of concern here are said tools for personal carry and weapons of opportunity.

Here we are looking at this subject from the carry law perspective in the United Kingdom - where of course, unlike other parts of Europe and the rest of the world, we are NOT allowed to carry any item of any kind even remotely construed as a 'weapon'. Hence our principle of 'going armed' must remain a secondary option here.

In this program we take an updated view of improvised tools, looking at some of the latest purpose built KIT on the market for Self Protection, along with other simple carry options and useful tools to hand. We take an in-depth look at the pros and cons of impact tools compared to point and edge items. We also look at the 'Force to Threat Parallel' along with the possible consequences of employing such KIT.

The message here is that IMPACT is always going to be the more clinical option - and just anything in your hand is most certainly NOT better than nothing. Good advice and excellent scenario training drills make this program a great final addition to the Secondary Tools series.