On The Sharp Edge

On The Sharp Edge

3-Disk DVD Set

A UC Publishing Production for 18+ years only

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Product Description

This 3-disc, 3-hour program is designed as both an educational and instructional tool, to supplement and enhance a student of competent Combative instruction. We accept that no one system holds all the answers to dealing with the knife threat from an unarmed perspective. Some of the information available, although showing improvement from yesteryear, still borders from methods that would be practically suicidal to attempt - right through to some progressively workable concepts.

What this program aims to do is to first educate then introduce and implement some of the most workable ideas in this author's opinion. Such opinion is based on 25 years of training, research and pressure-testing built alongside the foundational experience gained from the accumulation of live edged weapon experiences that I have been involved in. This includes lessons learned from the things I did right and - just as importantly - the things I did wrong.

Take from this whatever you find useful, but most of all take on board the fact that incidents of knife violence are becoming a huge part of every day life. If we weren't a knife carrying culture before in the UK, we are fast becoming so now. Get educated!

Disc One:

  • Introduction
  • Contributing Factors to Blade-Related Incidents
  • The Definition of a Blade Weapon
  • Bladed Article Display
  • The Consequences of a Knife Attack
  • A Knifer's M.O.
  • Concealment, Access and Deployment
  • Real Knife Attacks on CCTV - Depicted as a Learning Tool
  • Body Language Cue Recognition
  • Shutting Down the Threat Before the Knife is in Play

Disc Two:

  • Dealing With the Blade Out and in Play
  • What Are Our Options?
  • Training and Teaching Models
  • Counter Knife Principles
  • Offensive Use of the Blade From Street Bastardizations to Advanced Knife Play
  • Counter Knife Progressions
  • Options, Debate and Demonstration

Disc Three:

  • Offensive Counter Tools
  • Cover, Crash & Counters for Slashing and Thrusting Attacks
  • UC Counter-Knife Workshop Footage
  • Dealing With Retraction and Continuous Attack
  • Into the Realms of Non-Compliance
  • Dynamic Scenario Training
  • Static Knife Hold-Up Threat
  • Worst-Case Scenario Ambush!
  • Mindset & Mental Conditioning
  • Emergency Medical Management at the Scene
  • An Expert Opinion
  • Visualization & Crisis Rehearsal
  • Debrief
  • Summary

Product Reviews

This is simply the best Knife Awareness educational DVD set I've seen. It includes graphic photos from real life knife attacks, real life stabbings captured on film, professional medical advice on dealing with knife injuries, simulated scenarios, training tips and advice, seminar footage, and much more.

To date I've viewed many different edged weapon programs and have my reservations about the reality application of most of them if not all. I never thought I would see anything to equal the original "Edged Weapons" video of the 90s but this set from Lee Morrison is good.

The best I've seen of what's currently available.

Jamie O'Keefe

I have just viewed the latest DVD release by Combatives expert and Reality-Based instructor Lee Morrison. This three disc set deals with the reality of facing an edged weapons attack. It is a timely reminder to all of us, as in the last few weeks the media and press have once again been reporting on horrific incidents involving knives. Whether the powers to be want to admit it, we are very much living in an increasing alarming knife culture. Lee's DVD set is a comprehensive and intelligent approach to this subject. I have seen other "knife defence" tapes that only deal with the physical defences and most of these techniques are woefully inadequate.

Lee pulls no punches in explaining the real world facts about edged weapons. As someone who has worked in front line security for many years and has survived a few knife attacks himself, he is certainly qualified to talk about the subject. The discs look at many aspects gradually in detail building up a full picture of knowledge, tactics and techniques.

Some of the things covered are types of edged weapons. Anything with a sharp edge can qualify. Places of concealment, carries and draws. Graphic photos of knife attack victims and CCTV footage of knife attacks, all powerful and thought-provoking stuff. This is just the tip of the iceberg as Lee delves in deeper to other subject matter that I am not going to disclose. You need to buy the DVDs.

When it comes to the physical techniques, Lee always delivers no-nonsense, practical and downright vicious responses (a man after my own heart). Remember we are dealing with potentially life-threatening situations - this is no time to pussyfoot around. Makeshift weapons and every day articles are used for defence as well as last resort bare-handed techniques.

All good stuff. In my opinion Lee Morrison has put together one of the best edged weapons packages on the market. The content is relevant to seasoned professionals in the field of reality based martial arts, as well as the novice or concerned individual who wants a creditable insight into this mostly misunderstood subject.

I highly recommend the DVD set and it is money well spent to acquire the amount of information on them.

Kevin O'Hagan

I am an idiot. As a realist who has spent many years training to defend myself and others using a "reality based" point of view, I came to this realisation. That is, I am an idiot. I went through the whole traditional martial arts thing...realising I couldn't make it work for me. After immersing myself in every reality type of system out there...I found what I needed. The "what ifs" disappeared...and I trained even harder with a combative mindset.

There was still something missing though. The "what ifs" would still surface when I discussed, trained or thought about knife attacks. Having been lucky enough to survive three knife attacks, I was still looking for the answer. It was sitting on my shelf - Lee Morrison sent it to me a month ago. Like I said, I'm an idiot.

I watched the three DVD set with a bit of apprehension...not quite sure what I was going to see. More importantly, worried about writing this review...just in case it was the usual crap that even great martial arts guys roll out when the subject of "the knife" comes out. Knowing Lee, I should've known better. This DVD set should be on the shelf of anyone interested in their own self protection. I take that back, it should in the DVD player and being played on a continuous loop.

The information on this 3 DVD set is set out in an easy to follow, easy to absorb covering many training models that will accelerate your ability to train for that worst case scenario of facing a knife wielding maniac. From the intro, Lee Morrison promises a truthful and hard hitting reality check in to the world of defending yourself against a knife attack. And that's what he delivers: from the awareness training advice through to the modeling of how people hide knives when looking to engage you, you come away from the initial part of the DVD saying "wow". You've just been hit by the reality check train. Yet, even though some of the scenarios are hard to watch, you are left thinking you now have something useful...something that makes sense...and something you can rely on.

Very quickly over the three hours you are taken on an in depth look at spotting people who have intent to hurt you...and then how they physically approach you, conceal their weapons, and then how they actually attack you. More to the point, with the aid of his highly skilled training partners and students, he shows you what you can do about it: From escaping, to knife fending and eliminating an attacker, it is all there. There is even a module on emergency medical procedures...this is the best value for money study on how to deal with a knife attack.

I have been exposed to many "knife systems" and techniques...most are crap and I agree with Lee, suicidal. And the ones that are workable do need a lot of training. Lee's take on this is great. It is straight forward and as long as you take his advice...more than workable. It can save your life and the lives of those you love.

In many cases, this DVD set will actually put you off. It will open your eyes and make you realise that your martial art set patterns of knife defence 1 through 5 are a waste of time. The scenarios will make you sweat and make you make excuses for not trying them. Good - you will have learned something...that to train realistically for this type of threat, you need to get sweaty, get scared and then make it work.

The good news is, however, it can be done. This DVD will inform and guide your training and ability to do it. BUT you must lose the bullsh1t. You must be honest with your training partner and yourself. Only then will you reap the enormous rewards this DVD has to offer. I don't want to spoil the DVD for you but the information within the package is liquid gold: training models such as "The 3 E's" (Escape, Equalise, Eliminate), the "training pyramid" and the "action pyramid" will ensure that you fully understand how to approach your learning and training of this material.

Lee also teaches us all how to use a knife offensively. The initial scene of Lee attacking the screen is enough to let you realise that an informed and trained knife attacker is a nightmare...this reinforces the need to watch, re-watch and train train train this stuff. Ask yourself this question: can your current system deal with a person, like Lee, attacking you like this?

The bit that impressed me the most was the bit about actually dealing with a knife in play. It answered questions I have long sought after...I have since asked lee can I have his permission to incorporate this stuff into my own training and teaching...both private and corporate. This part of the training is the part that most people talk crap about. It is the area that can get you killed if you get the wrong information. Watch this DVD and you will get the RIGHT information.

Buy it, try it and if you then think that a crescent kick will work better...make sure you have got BUPA cover and excellent professional indemnity insurance, because if you do not heed the advice in this DVD...you are dooming yourself and your student to a one way trip to casualty...or worse.

Another major bonus is that we are lucky enough to see clips from Lee's Urban Combatives Knife Workshops - this alone makes the set worth the cash. You get to see the best training on the market. You get to see Lee in full flow, ego on the line, demonstrating what he teaches in front of a room full of martial artists. How much value do you need for the cover price? Be a part of something special. If you were to get this DVD, you may find your training will elevate to higher plane.

I cannot recommend this DVD set enough and I will be recommending this to my friends, students, and clients - both commercial and military. It is simply THE best DVD on the market covering this subject. Period.

Simon Squires