Siberia 2012 Seminar

Siberia 2012 Seminar

5-Disk DVD Set

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Product Description

In November 2012, UC was hosted for the third time in Russia - this time in Novosibirsk, Siberia for a two-day seminar event. This covered a huge variety of combative related topics from matters of personal security to combative hard skills, takedowns, counter offence, multiple assailants, third party protection, counter weapons, and more.

My audience was primarily students from my own early roots of traditional Shotokan karate - only with an additional understanding of well-practiced methods of reality based self defence coming from Krav Maga, among other influences. As expected, these guys were tough, game, and up for anything I threw at them.

This seminar was taught in English then expertly translated by Dina Kruchina, who worked with me twice previously in Moscow. This five-disk set offers the student/viewer over five hours of quality combative instruction on a variety of topics, and depicts via its students the true meaning of impact with attitude!

Watch, learn, and enjoy...