UC Ireland Street Combatives

Street Combatives

Street Combatives

Instructional DVD by UC Instructor Jon Mackey

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Product Description

In this DVD we introduce Jon Mackey a Full UC Instructor and main representative for UC Ireland.

Here, Jon presents his take on the UC Curriculum and how it applies to City life in Dublin. He gives his unique take from his own vast experience of the tough streets of Dublin - from growing up, to working the doors and driving a taxi, Jon is no stranger to violence. Even though he is also an international Taekwondo instructor and competitor he truly knows what works and what doesn't.

Jon is a pioneer for Reality-Based training in Ireland, and one of the first people to try and shed light on the Traditional Martial Arts scene in Ireland. In this DVD, Jon gives the student new to Combatives a foundational insight into the basics of this street-proven method of Self Protection.

Topics include:

  • The Game Plan
  • Threat Recognition
  • Gross-Motor Striking
  • Impact Dynamics
  • Continuous Attack
  • Combative Mindset
  • Counter Point/Edge Weapons
  • And more...