Tactical Use Of Point & Edged Weapons

Tactical Use of Weapons

4-Disk Educational DVD Set

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Product Description

In this four-disk instructional set, we take an in-depth look into the tactical use of point and edged weapons from a three-fold perspective.

First to gain a deeper understanding posed by the blade threat, particularly within the hands of the street criminal; learning the M.O and the tactics commonly employed preceding their use, along with the common types of tool employed - both culturally and globally.

Next for combative efficiency, we look at the lowest possible use of force regarding a point and edge tool for Self-Protection in relevance to the countries where restricted carry of such a tool is considered with more legality in terms of carry for Self-Defence - assuming in all cases that the threat disparity is significant enough to justify such employment in the first place.

The Combatives trainee is advised to become proficient in all methods of personal security, unarmed skills, the use of any less-than-lethal or improvised weapon, as well as proficient in point and edged tools, impact weapons and, where possible - and applicable to the country you live in - firearms.

This instructional program gets inside the mindset of a 'knifer', which in turn gives you a greater understanding of how the blade could be employed against you. If nothing else, this program will maximise your need to shed any false sense of security your current Counter-Knife method may have given you, leading you to pressure test any leaks it may have - and/or lead you to seek a better alternative.

This program is for the purpose of education only. All training must be supervised and safety monitored with training weapons.