Weapons to Hardskills

Weapons to Hardskills

Weapons to Hardskills

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Product Description

In this programme, we look at how to integrate weapons of personal carry along with empty hand hardskill combatives in-fight, in order to maximise our combative efficiency.

It's a fact that as tool-bearing animals, we are more effective in-fight conflict when armed! Regardless if it's a weapon by design where legality and justification for 'self-defence' applies, or if it's simply an improvised tool of personal carry or weapon of opportunity, you will be more effective during the event if you instinctively know how to work from natural bodily weapons to tool of choice and back again during the full spectrum of personal combat.

We all know that any tool is only of any real use if it's available to your dominant hand when you need it, with the presence of mind to use it - therefore pre-emptive weapon access is of primary importance. With that said, if you must employ in-fight weapon access once the fight has started, then I can tell you from experience that unless you train for that, it won't reliably come out unless you drill it under pressure. What you put on the disc in training is what comes off the computer live time!

This DVD shows you how to train for this in a simplified way with no frills, just functionality!

UC 2014.